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Is it normal?

Hi, I'm newish here. I had a misscarage in May and found out I was pregnant again in July. Was worried if it maybe is too early. Really don't want to go through all the misery again. Also is it normal to not get an US done early to make sure everything is okay after having a mc? My dr. Wants me to wait until sept 11th (when I'll be 11 weeks along.)

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  • Sorry for your loss and congrats on your peanut! My US was first scheduled at 8 1/2 weeks and they called to reschedule so I won't be seen until 10 weeks. Which they said was normal. I'm pretty sure if you haven't had multiple miscarriages you're not considered high risk. 

  • I had a miscarriage in November and conceived again in June. My first appointment wasn't until 10 weeks (same as it was with my daughter). I know the wait is hard but it'll be here before you know it.
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  • Congratulations on your pregnancy! Women get early ultrasounds for different reasons most of them are because they are high risk or sometimes they need to find out how far along they are. I had one at 6 weeks with this pregnancy because my prior pregnancy was an ectopic and they wanted to make sure this one was in my uterus. It's far more common not to get one until later though. So it sounds like yours is right on track. I wish you the best!
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  • Thanks ladies, you guys really helped to ease my worring :)

  • GhostMonkey said:
    Unfortunately losses are common. One is not cause for concern and does not indicate the need to extra care for future pregnancies in most cases. An ultrasound won't prevent a miscarriage.
    This is it. The only thing you can do, (and it would be more useful in the 4-5th week) is to get blood testing (especially progesterone) and see if you need supplements. Many doctors won't do an U/S before 8 weeks because they cannot tell a whole lot before that and there is not much to do other than letting a pregnancy run its course. It's near impossible, but do try to stay calm until you have information.
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