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Over active Let Down

Last night was just a joke... My left breast has a completely over active let down that lead to her choking, coughing, popping on and off the breast, crying and me in tears. I tried leaning way back, burping her whenever she popped off and even made her a bottle of BM to help her. And once it was all said and done, I couldn't tell when she was full because she would just get my nipple into her mouth and lay there like she was too afraid to suck. I am already doing block feeding with her, and it was a little better dealing with it during daylight, buts she's still not happy. Any tips from STMs who have dealt with this before. I never had this with my son so I am kind of at a loss. I prefer peaceful, quiet feedings at night so she can go back to sleep, but she gets so wound up, I worry that won't be possible anymore.
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Re: Over active Let Down

  • No real advise but I can commiserate! The days are much better than nights here too. My next step might be to try a nipple shield which is what I used w my son and it helped control the milk flow. But I hated using it. I'm also not pumping at all yet because I don't want to encourage over supply
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  • When my supply first came in, my let down was insane... I watched it spray her in the face basically.  It has become a little more regulated, but there are definitely times where she's almost choking and gets really angry and screams into my boob.  I used to pump a little when it was really bad, but now I'll just have a towel near me to spray into a bit if it's necessary.  I was so frustrated at first because I felt like I was constantly covered in milk, but it seems to be getting better.  The best position I found when it's really bad, is me laying completely on my back and her on my belly.  I do that at night time when it seems to be a little harder for her (probably due to the longer time between feedings).  We've also mastered the side lying position, which goes against gravity and helps with the overactive let down.
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  • I have a fast letdown that often seemed to gag DD. Luckily DS seems to be mostly handling it better, but I still spray into a towel (a prefold diaper works great for this purpose) if he pops off and is upset.
  • Thank you ladies... I tried laying right flat today and it was the best nurse she has had since this morning. It was so much more relaxing and stress free. I will try it tonight and hopefully that stays the same. I also cut back on eating oatmeal for breaky. I have been eating it pretty much straight for 3 weeks... Wish me luck and thank you for all the advice and support.
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