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Postpartum Depression

PPD and Breast Feeding

So I've been diagnosed with PPD and PPAnxiety. I'm EBF and see a nurse practitioner at the Drs office. She's a newer nurse and isn't 100% about some info like med interaction. She says that no meds are safe to use while breast feeding and that I should wean ASAP to start meds. Does anyone have any experience with BFing while on meds for PPD? Thanks!
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Re: PPD and Breast Feeding

  • I believe that BF was part of the reason for my PPD. My psychiatrist prescribed medicine about 3w PP and said it was safe to take while BF, but I decided to wean anyway. I started taking meds between 5-6w PP. I had to go through my OB to be referred to a psychiatrist, so I'm not sure about the NP. You could always call and speak with doctor, sometimes the pharmacist can tell you as well.
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  • Zoloft is supposed to be safe while breastfeeding I was prescribed it and didn't take it for others reasons, but I know multiple people who were on it while pregnant and their children are fine. My psychologist was on it while breastfeeding two kids.
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    OP: you posted this question on the breastfeeding board right?  I believe that one of the bumpees gave you some links that had info on what's safe with breastfeeding.  As someone who's struggled with depression for most of my life, seeing a psychiatrist for meds was so much more helpful than seeing my general practitioner... they just have so much more knowledge with them and the effects they produce.  Generally speaking, BF doesn't cause depression however weaning from BF can (hormone levels dropping, etc).  GL!
  • Thanks everyone! I had posted on the BFing board at the same time. I ended up calling my OBs office and they called the original nurse to give her a list of safe meds. Picked up a prescription yesterday. Thank you!
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