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C section moms; 19 months postpartum

I plan on asking my primary dr this soon but was wondering if any c section mommies know if this is normal. I'm 19 months postpartum and it gets itchy right underneath my incision. I've put lotion on and around them but it gets itchy here and there just about everyday =\

Re: C section moms; 19 months postpartum

  • I think that's normal for awhile. Ask you Dr but mine did that more with my 1st & not so much with the 2nd.
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  • I remember having a little of that for the first two years.  I know it feels weird but I don't remember remember it actually being something to be concerned about.
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  • Thanks ladies. It's just annoying that it gets itchy throughout the day and embarassing when I need to scratch it in public bc it looks like in scratching my private area.
  • I get off and on sensations.  Meaning most times I feel nothing but on occasion I will get a twinge or itch or tingle.  Im 11 months PP from a 2nd C.
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  • Have you tried hydrocortisone cream? Might help with the itch.

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  • @ss265‌ No I haven't but I definitely will try that!

  • I sometimes get an itch. It is normal due to feeling coming back to that area. It is still slightly "numb". But that's the case with all areas of my body that have had surgery.

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  • @heatherwhite1984‌ I didn't know that, that's comforting to know, thank you :)
  • You could always ask your doctor since we area all different. Just as your midsection was probably itchy while pregnant as the skin was stretching.

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