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Cleaning toys

How often does everyone clean their toddlers toys? I am doing it now but I need to do it way more often....  how often is a good amount?

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    I routinely clean the kids' toys two times a year - Spring cleaning and Fall cleaning - but will also do it when/if needed (sick, spills, etc.).  The kids help out with the routine cleaning of their toys; we make it into a big cleaning of toys day.  They love it!  While cleaning toys we also go through their toys and pull out any toys that they no longer play with and put them in the donation pile.  

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  • I mean cleaning them :)
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  • not even from like germs?  or if they have been sick???? like disinfect?
  • The only things I routinely clean are their kitchen, table, and easel.  And that's because they eat, color, paint, etc on those things.  Other things I might clean if I see they need it.  
  • Only if it's visibly dirty.
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  • Another one for never.

    If he gets food on something I'll clean it off, but disinfect toys? Nah
  • sweet. i was scared to read responses and find that other people were cleaning toys all the time. if i notice something is dirty or something spills i clean, otherwise never.

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  • Generally, never.  There were 2 times during some terrible waves of illness that I washed as many toys as possible (even all the megabloks!) in soapy water.  We had been sick so much, I got pretty desperate.  

  • I've machine washed a few stuffed animals that have gotten food or spit up on them (in her younger days).
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