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BFIng Irregular Period?

Hey ladies, I have been breastfeeding since LO was born. I didn't have a period until he turned 10 months old and I finally got my first one again the day he turned 10 months. Now he is almost one and I haven't had another period. Most of my friends, once theirs returned, it continued. But mine hasn't come back. I took pregnancy test a few days after it was due, and a week late to be sure and they were both negative. Haven't taken one since. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this?
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Re: BFIng Irregular Period?

  • It's normal. Your hormones are not the same and it isn't unheard of for a mothers cycle to significantly change with each pregnancy.

    A mom could have had a predicable 28 day cycle before her child and then have a 40 day one after. Or they could have random anovulatory (sp?) cycles.

    The general rule if thumb is, if it's been 60 days since your last cycle, call your dr.

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  • Mine has been irregular this time around. 

    I don't remember when things regulates post DD1 but I know she was 9 months old before I even got a period.
    DD1 4.14.10
    DD2 8.22.13
    MMC 1.4.17 at 16w
    Expecting #3, EDD 1.29.18

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  • My first period came at 7 months after my baby was born and it's been two months and I haven't had another. Ob said it's normal and as I decrease breastfeeding I should become more regular.
  • With DS1, my period came back at 5 months and was like clockwork almost immediately.  With DS2, I spotted at 7 months for two days, then again at 9 months for a day, and nothing since.  
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  • So does the spotting for a day or two count as a period and mean I ovulated?
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