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I want to go back on birth control. I used to be on the low dosage pill but my feet used to swell on it so I stopped. My sister does the depo shots and loves them. I'm not sure I want to Do an IUD.

What do you use? How do you like it?

I am also in the mix of finding a new doctor so I will talk to them when I find them too of course


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  • I love my IUD.  I don't tolerate hormones well at all.  So, I went with the paragard, nonhormonal IUD.  

    Why/what are your concerns/reasons against an IUD?
    Honestly between stories here and all the warnings out there I'm a little freaked out about them


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  • We use condoms. Hormonal BC is not my friend and IUDs scare me (thanks TB). That's probably no help at all, huh?

    You always help :)


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  • I know I just posted about the issues with my Mirena, but I would still get it again.  I never really minded taking the pill until I didn't have to take it anymore.  It's such a pain in the ass.  Some people like the Nexplanon.  You could consider that too.
  • I would get another Mirena but my stupid ute is misshappen so my doc didn't recommend it. We are currently just using condoms because I didn't want to go on hormonal BC again. I've had issues with the pill and got KU on the shot, so I decided against it at least until I wean LO.

    If I were going to get back on bc I would probably do Nexplanon but I think that SO will get snipped later this year and that will be that.

    Good luck finding something that works for you! 

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  • Nexplanon. Besides the crazy bruising for the few days after I had it put in, I have had zero issues so far.
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  • I just went on bc again. Years ago I used the NuvaRing and liked it, so that's what I chose this time.

    If we weren't going to TTC in a few months, I would have gone the IUD route.
  • Copper iud here. So far no problems. I haven't had the terrible cramp issue that I was told could happen. Period was a bit heavier than usual but not excessively so. I was done with hormones.



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  • I love my mirena.  I'm on my 2nd one.  My 1st got placed 6w pp after having my twins.  I did spot off and on for several months, but I've not had true AF since before I got pg (about 9 yrs ago). 

    In the beginning, I checked my strings every month.  One month I couldn't find them and freaked out.  Went to the dr, and the strings were just tucked up in a funny spot.  I haven't checked strings since, and I've never been able to feel the strings of my 2nd one.  I'm planning on getting another mirena once this one expires.

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  • I've had Mirena since Dec 2012 and no issues. I rarely have any bleeding at all and little to no cramps.

    We will probably TTC #3 sometime next year and I'm already dreading getting it out.
  • I love my mirena so much that I'm considering changing my mind about the DH getting a v when this one is done next year.  that was always my plan but I love love not having a period.  And I say that as someone who was the 1% that had a perforated uterus putting it in (the first time it went fine, that happened with my second after my second child was born).  For some reason despite the fact that I have giant babies my uterus was the "size of a pre-pregnant woman" following my second.  That did hurt but we just let it heal for a month and I went right back and had it redone.  My 5 years are up next year and I will likely do it again.
  • I've had both IUDs now. I got Mirena placed at 6w pp with Cade. I liked it for a time. Then the side effects of hormones kicked in and I didn't like it. So I had it removed. I went on regular BC and did that for a year. My body just really dislikes hormones. So, I got tired of hormonal BC all together and got Paragard placed 2 weeks ago. It's been great. Little cramping for a week or so. A little extra discharge. Now everything is perfectly normal. No hormones and I love it. Plus Paragard can be used as emergency contraception and works right away. Unlike Mirena which needs time to release enough hormone to work.
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