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DD will be 2 in October. We only brush her teeth at night because I read somewhere that's ok, but it seems it "should" be done more often. How often do you brush LO's teeth?


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Re: # times/day

  • I brush my LOs teeth in the morning and at bedtime.  They are 23 mos and 3.5 yrs.  We also floss at bedtime.  
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  • I work in dentistry. You should be brushing their teeth 2x a day.
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  • I used to do it after breakfast and before bed, but I just had a baby and now we are just bedtime brushing as our routine is way off.
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  • 2x - the kids brush and floss on their own in the morning; DH and I assist at bedtime to make sure it is getting done well.  My kids are 2 and 4. 
  • The girls are supposed to brush their own teeth in the morning, but it doesn't always happen because we're often very rushed. I help them brush/floss at night. They also have toothbrushes at school and everyone brushes after lunch.
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  • Religously in the morning, often times after dinner and sometimes before bed.   We just got angry birds mouthwash so right now it is about 500 times a day that she wants to brush and rinse lol :) 


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  • Our pedi and dentist are okay with once a day. My son has ASD and brushing teeth is a battle. We usually compromise by having him do it in the morning and both of us do it at night. So twice a day, but only once is a really good clean.

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  • We do it after breakfast and before bed.  For the morning, it's part of our routine - the last thing we do before we head out the door.  I let him brush while I gather our things together, then I do a "once over."
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  • Twice a day max. The dentist however said we should brush every fter meal time. Tried it w DD but within 5 mins of last brushing she grabs a snack

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  • Twice a day!  Once in the morning and right before bed.  If she has something sugary like a pop from the doctor's office, she has to brush her teeth when she finishes. 
  • Twice a day.  Morning lo does it and evening dh or I do it. 
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