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Looking for high-risk OB that's supportive of natural birth

Hi, I'm searching for an OB in the northern VA area that is experienced in high-risk pregnancies and is also supportive of natural birth.  Preferably one that delivers at Fairfax or Fair Oaks Inova.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!  
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Re: Looking for high-risk OB that's supportive of natural birth

  • If you can't find one in NOVA, Georgetown UH has a great high risk facility and my OB and MFM partner with each other in my care. Dr. Caseida (my OB) is totally supportive of natural birth, however he also is realistic when it comes to his warnings. When giving birth, if there are issues that come up that would cause harm to you or the baby to continue naturally, then the doctors are going to what they can to reverse the issue, which may mean surgery.

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  • I have a great OB in Landsdowne but he now delivers at Reston and is very natural birth friendly and doula friendly. He says delivering at reston with a doula will not be a problem. His name is Dr. Ayoub. As far as you being high risk, I think he would be excellent with any complication he has been great so far and has a lot of experience.
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  • Dr. McLaren in Fair Oaks is a good high risk specialist. I was referred to him for consultations with my daughter, but delivered with my OB. He's open to a wide variety of options but will be very honest with what he thinks will be best for your baby.
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  • Thanks, Ladies!  
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  • You probably have your provider already but just wanted to chime in that I used to be with Tepeyac which delivers at Fair Oaks and liked them a lot. They take high-risk patients and also have an impressive record for natural birth, low c-section rates, and high VBAC success rates. They keep a list of doulas that they recommend and when I talked to them about my birth plans, the only "intervention" they really felt like I'd need if all was going well was a hep lock - which helps them react immediately if you hemorrhage so I thought that was a fair request on their part. 
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  • This probably won't help you, but I second dr Ayoub for anyone who searches for this same thing!
  • Is Georgetown University Hospital a good place to deliver if I am hoping to go natural? My current OB is there, but I don't know many women who have delivered there. 
  • I'm a doula and I've been to over 200 births in the area. The best place to have a low intervention birth is GW--hands down (Dr. Bathgate is awesome with high risk). Dr. Ayoub, who was mentioned above, is one of maybe 2 or 3 other providers I'd recommend.

    Other providers may tell you they are supportive of natural birth, but they just don't have the numbers to back that up. For the PP who mentioned Tepeyac--they do not have a high VBAC success rate and do not support VBAC at all (despite what they might tell you). I'm not trying to be harsh at all, but so many providers around here tell you they support VBAC and then pull a bait and switch late in pregnancy.

    I know it can be a haul in terms of the drive to visits, but its worth it to get your VBAC (which I had at GW) or to walk away without an incision in your belly. 
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