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When do you register at hospital?

I am only 14 weeks so registering at the hospital never crossed my mind... I always assumed it was like at 24 or 28 weeks.   I wanted to sign up for a classes at my hospital for breastfeeding, baby cpr etc.. and the lady on the phone said " oh well you need to register first and we recommend you take the class at 30-34 weeks.... ummm yeah I think 30-34 weeks with a multiple pregnancy is too late!

So when do you register at the hospital? 
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Re: When do you register at hospital?

  • With my first, my OB office gave me the pre-register paperwork around 30 weeks. I suspect they will do the same. You might be able to contact the hospitals admission desk and ask for registration paperwork.
  • My OB gave me all the info at about 16 weeks I think or a little before and told me to just do it and get it over with, so I did it pretty early. That way it was done and out of the way.
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  • With my singleton, I registered around 28 weeks. I expected to register earlier, but the ob's nurse told me not to call until my 28 week appointment. But when I called the hospital, they were aghast that I hadn't called earlier with a multiple pregnancy. They were pretty booked and couldn't get me in until 30 weeks.
  • My OB gave me the paperwork at my 12 week appointment just to get it out of the way. The only reason I haven't don't it yet is that our insurance is changing and I don't want to have to go back and fix it later. As for classes, we did ours pretty early with our singleton.... I think at about 20 weeks. Our class was also an all day, one shot sort of thing instead of a shorter weekly one. I don't think I am going to bother this time around with classes.... they can't tell me anything I don't already know.
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  • I didn't take any classes w the twins. Just hospital tour since it wasn't where I delivered my singleton. Did that early bc I was undecided between 2 hospitals, like 18-19w.

    I had some complications at 32w and spent a weekend in the hospital, so I registered then by virtue of being admitted. Babies arrived at 34w.

  • I just registered a couple weeks ago at 28w, mainly because I had to go to L&D anyways for my rhogam shot. I don't think it hurts to do it early, just saves time later. I'd definitely do classes before 30 weeks!


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  • I got the paperwork, but they said I didn't need to register till 7 months. I am debating on sending it in. My insurance will switch just before 8 months. If it wasn't for that I would probably do it shortly. The hospital is having a baby fair with several classes and tours and I might turn it in then just in case or at least ask what the think.
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  • My doc has us register around viability date, so 24ish weeks. If your classes are at the hospital, they may require this. It was really just one piece of paper for me, so no big deal. But, I do see a doc inside the hospital I will give birth at. Not sure if that matters.
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  • I registered at 28 weeks.  Aaaaaaand I made my first trip to L&D at 29w2d.

    We took our classes around 26 weeks.
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  • I was told to bump time frames up 4 weeks for twins, so you could do bf classes at 26- 30 weeks in that case :-) And I guess you can register whenever....
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  • I'm feeling really behind now!  My doc hasn't said anything about registering (I'm 26 weeks) and just brought up classes at my visit last week.  So I'm taking a 4 week childbirth series class the month of September and a breastfeeding class in the middle of Sept.  Hope these babies stay put!
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