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new to des moines

I recently moved to the des moines area and I am looking to meet other moms and mom to be's in order to meet friends. Any ideas?

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  • If you breastfeed maybe try the local la leche league. I think one of the libraries dova storytime during the day too.
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  • It's easy if you don't work during the day and can go to various events targeted to LOs during the day. Otherwise, it's really tough. Library story time events are good. I went to a Kindermusik class in Ankeny, but it's called something else now...Music & Song Time or something. I forget. I keep meaning to register for it again, but my schedule with work has gotten crazy, so when it's down time, I want to be able to choose exactly what I want to do!
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  • MikaelaFowlerMikaelaFowler member
    edited August 2014
    I recently moved back to Des Moines and am looking for a group to meet other new moms as well. I have a one month old. How about you?
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