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Milk allergy help and advice needed!

My daughter has multiple food allergies including milk. She is 18 months old and we have just now gotten rid of the bottle.  We had tried at other times but were never successful and our dr said to go ahead and continue with it until she is 18 months due to all her food allergies.  She took elecare in her bottle but since we have gotten rid of it she absolutely refuses to drink it out of any sippy or straw cup.  I'm worried about her calcium intake.  We do a supplement but it's probably only maybe 1/3 or her needed calcium amount.  So what's a mom to do?? Any advice?  What are other young toddlers doing.  Also she refuses soy and coconut (tested positive on blood allergy test but has never reacted but she gags on it).  She is allergic to almonds as well. 

Re: Milk allergy help and advice needed!

  • PP's gave good suggestions.

    You could also visit with a nutritionist to discuss your LO's diet and allergies. They could give you a lot of ideas.
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  • @DC2London‌ at what age did you start the blackstrap molasses? Did you feed it to them plain or did you mix it with food? My DS has been anemic since 6 months. He is BF and I give a supplement. Thanks. 
    OP we are in a similar situation. There is rice milk but I was told it wasn't fortified so it isn't really helpful. I was told to make sure he had enough calcium and healthy fat and that it would be difficult. I am going to make an appointment with a nutritionist before he turns one. Good luck to you.
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  • Leafy greens. If she won't eat them try juicing them.
  • I gave DD1 orange juice that was fortified and sometimes you can find other juices that are fortified too
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