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6 month old won't drink more than 4oz

Does anyone else have this problem. My LO is only drinking max 4 oz with each feeding. Sometimes, she won't even drink the 4oz.  She is not under weight by any means. She's right in the 50th percentile.  I read that she should be drinking 7-8 oz 4 times a day, and I would prefer this!!

 When did your LO start drinking more?

Re: 6 month old won't drink more than 4oz

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    Same here! 

    DD is almost 7 months and maybe finishes 4oz per feeding. She eats about 25-27oz total per day if I am lucky. She is also 50th percentile for weight and off the chart for height. We had to start solids very very slowly to make sure she didnt start drinking any less.

    Its hard for me not to worry about it but I just think this is the way she is. Her Dr wants me to get her to eat about 32-36oz per day but I know this will never happen. She's growing, meeting milestones and happy so I go off that!

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    Is lo ff or bf? If bf, most babies only take 4oz of bm in a feeding.
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    My DS has never ever taken in more than 5 oz but his norm is 4 oz, recently it's been less. No matter what I do he just won't take in more. His usual daily intake is about 2025 oz per day. He is on the lower percentile for weight but really high for height. I do worry sometimes but my pedi always reminds me that all babies are different and she's not at all worried. Still, I can't help but monitor his diaper output all the time.
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    I recently was going through this with my daughter... and it turned out we just need to move her up to a faster flow nipple. She was just working hard to get a few oz. and would lose interest. Just a suggestion.
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    My LO doesn't drink more than 3 oz at a time. She is a snacker.
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    I'm so relieved to hear others struggle with this. For about a week I had both of my lo's up to 8 and 7 oz each but they started leaving 3-4 oz in each time so I had to reduce it back to 6.5. I was really concerned as well with an average of 25 oz a day but same as pp's, they are gaining and have wet diapers so I *try* not to freak myself out too much. 
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    My DD is also 6 months old, and her max is 3 oz at a time. She is small but was a preemie, she is 25% for lenght and 3rd percentile for weight, however she has almost tripled her birth weight, and the Pedi said she is growing perfectly on the curve. Also I asked about this at our 6 month apt, and the pedi said that some babies are like this, and also since she is so small too.
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    4oz sounds ok.  I had a problem where lo was barely drinking 3 oz around 6 months.  I started using fast flow nipples and that has helped but he still drinks typically 4-5 oz bottles.  I make 6oz bottles and give him 20 minutes before offering the last 1-2oz.  He only drinks 4oz of his first bottle in the morning after not eating all night!

    I went slow with solids and added lunch at 8mo.  It didnt affect his intake which was and still is approx 25-26oz.

    I've been concerned about his intake but the ped says its fine and hes growing very well.

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    My LO drinks 5oz max per feeding.  She still gets in enough ounces per day, but she just eats more frequently than babies who drink more ounces per feeding.  She is FF if that matters.  She is tiny but growing and developing just fine.  
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    At 7 months DS would only take 3 or 4 ounces at a time still. He now will take 8 sometimes if he's very hungry but mostly takes a 4 or 6 oz bottle. 

    ETA: he has always been off the charts in growth so I've never worried about it too much!



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    Both of my kids only take about 15-17oz/day.  There is nothing I can do about it, it's just how they eat. :)  But they are fine and the pedi said to just  make sure they are getting a lot of protein in their diet through their solids.  
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    Some babies can't handle 7-8oz in one sitting. It doesn't matter the amount in one sitting as much as total amount daily. And even that varies from child to child.

    Have you begun solids yet? That may also play a roll in her not drinking much in one sitting.

    I wouldn't be too concerned. if she isn't underweight, it doesn't sound like there is a problem. Besides eating smaller amounts more often is better for all of us.

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    I wouldn't worry, if there are enough wd and weight is fine then it is fine.

    My DD never took more that 5ozs at a time I thought it was strange but she was fine. She seemed small to me but was growing just fine. Now on the other hand my DS takes at least 6 ozs at a time. Sometimes he takes 9 or so and well he is a big boy. He does solids as well twice a day soon to be 3 times - he will eat 6 to 8 ice cubes of food, 6 ozs of formula and some puffs!

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