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who wants to be unpopular today?


Re: who wants to be unpopular today?

  • ginger890 said:

    This being my third pregnancy, me and DH discussed a plan for L&D, visitors are permitted until push time or someone upsets me but I've made it pretty clear everyone needs to be out when it's go time. My grandma actually hid in the bathroom when it was push time last time and everyone was booted out and my cousin made a point of being in there as well because I was in pain and pushing and the nurse let her in without my permission. I won't go the security route but my husband will have no problem making my family hate him if he has to. I know it sounds selfish but my family can be too much ( with first labor my brother was bouncing down the hall on a exercise ball with a maxi pad stuck to his head, racing against another visitor, second labor he was flirting with the nurses and had them too distracted to accomplish anything.) although it's funny, it's not the time or place.

    Uh, there's nothing selfish about what you want. Your family sounds like the selfish ones IMHO. The bit about your brother is beyond ridiculous. Put your foot down or don't tell them when you've gone into labour.

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  • MrsDeo said:

    vk2204 said:

    I do not like maternity photos.

    Along with this, belly casts creep me out. I do not understand why you want a cast of your pregnant belly. To each her own, I guess.

    I never see anything done with those...they always end up in the trash or in the basement
    I've seen newborn photos of them with the now outside babies in them. Still creepy.

    I think that's actually creepier.

    Something else creepy....I've seen them used a chips and dip bowls (when the boobs are cast as well for the dips). Ew.

    ----stuck in quote box----

    GTFO, for reals?

    I'm laughing hysterically at this, but also just, no. Just no.
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