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Doggy Concerns

I am kinda new on this board because I use to be on High Risk but because i am not HIgh Risk any more I came over her. DH and I live with my parents and Nana and my parents three year old Jack Russell. Now Angle is the baby of the house and I am concerned about who she is going to be with the baby when she comes. Is there any way I can prepare Angle or anything I can do to make it easier on her when the baby comes to help with the jealousy? 


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Re: Doggy Concerns

  • I have heard that you should have someone introduce the dog to a blanket that the baby was wrapped in before you come home from the hospital. That way she can smell the baby before the baby arrives. Also, it will have your smells on it too, so the dog will know that it is okay. 

    Other than that you just have to be gentle and patient. Know your dogs signals for stress and frustration. If you see the dog getting stressed out, it is time to give him a break. 
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  • The other concern is she is a jumper and thinks everything is hers. She still thinks the car seat is for her to sit in. 


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  • We bought a variety of toys (plush, wooden, plastic etc) from a yard sale and we've been practicing with my dog by putting a baby toy on the floor and waiting for the dog to go to it then saying "no, that's not yours" and trading the baby toy for one of his favourite toys. Also, we set up the swing, tummy time mat etc last weekend and have been teaching him not to lie on them.

    Hope that by doing this ahead of time he'll be a bit more trustworthy and we won't have any major disasters once baby comes and we can't be focused on him 100% of the time!
  • We have been letting the big dog in the nursery have set up the swing and turned it on and have been letting her sniff the swaddlers and car seats. "The little dogs want nothing to do with anything and could seem to care less"   Just so it will not be new when there is a baby in there.  I think keeping the environment as consistent as possible and making little changes has helped her.  When we first turned on the swing it scared her now she walks by with no worries.  I am hoping that she will do ok with crying, our neighbor just had a baby and they heard him through the open windows and were like what the hell is that!  

    I do have an extra blanket packed for someone to bring home and may have them put it in the extra car seat so we can make sure they won't jump.  

  • Ya I can not spell to save my life. Her name is Angel and also we do not have a nursery that baby will be in my DH and mine room and the dog has come in an sniffed the pack n play and a friend gave me a  baby swing  today and I have it set up and moving. She really is everyone dog and listens to all but my Nana. She has never n=been around babies till recently and today tow church ladies brought over there 9 month old and she did bark and get upset when I help the babies but after a while she calmed down. 


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