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Well I am back, I started off here before and then lost my pregnancy and now I am back again almost a year later pregnant again with twins. Zero assisted fertility help, although we did do acupuncture for four months as we have been having a difficult time getting pregnant and staying pregnant for years. My question is, I have been sick for three weeks. I am only seven weeks a long, did anyone else feel sick early or is it even possible....maybe I have the flu....haha



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  • Yes...very sick! Cold/flu symptoms. Please join us for our pregnancy check-in. :) excited for you and wishing you the best of luck.

    10 medicated IUI's (3 with injectables). 
    IUI #1 (medicated) Jan. 2013-BFP!!!!- Beta's didn't double, MTX shot for possible ectopic.
    8 IUI's between April 13-April 14 = BFN 
    IUI #10 and final before IVF, injectables May 2014- BFP!!!!  TWINS!!!!

    7 week ultrasound showed 2 wonderful heartbeats!
    8 weeks to the ER with vaginal bleeding while on vacations!  Diagnosed SubChorionic Hemorrhage.  Babies are both great.
    9 week ultrasound showed both babies are still great.
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  • Welcome & congrats!! I hope these are your take home babies!!

    & I have no experience w/ ms... but my nausea & food aversions did hit around 7-11 weeks. I'm feeling back to normal now!

    ****siggy warning****

    Me 29/ DH 28
    DH- MFI (low count, 2-3% morph)

    IUI #1 January - Clomid, Ovidrel: BFN
    IUI #2 February - Letrozole, Follistim, Ovidrel: BFP 1st beta-25, 2nd beta-56, 3rd beta-45, miscarriage
    IUI #3 April - CD3 U/S 4-10. Letrozole, Follistim, Ovidrel CD11 - Cancelled.. TI w/5 follicles-BFN
    IUI #3.1 May - CD3 U/S 5-6, Follistim start 5-11 thru 5-17, u/s 5-18 3 mature w/ a close 4th, IUI 5-20 - BFP!
                 Beta #1 12dpo - 164 & progesterone - 89!, Beta #2 16 dpo - 1189, 5w3d - u/s shows TWINS!
                 6/19- u/s showed heartbeats! Baby A 111 & Baby B 118, both measuring 6w1d
                 7/3- Baby A hb 170, Baby B hb 166 - both measuring perfect.
                 7/18 - Baby A 165, Baby B 171 - both measuring right on track & moving all around!


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  • Welcome back!

    I started getting m/s the day before I hit 6 weeks.
  • I have been very very fortunate and have not really had any bad morning sickness. I've had some nausea here and there, but nothing too severely bad.
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  • I was deathly sick from 5 weeks to 14 weeks. After that I was still sick but it was manageable and I ate and ate and ate. Zofran was my saving grace so maybe talk to your doctor about that. GL!
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