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Holy pain!

Started having contractions around 1am. Went in at 5:15 got sent home at 9:15 because this boy won't engage and get in position to put pressure on my cervix and was only at 2-3cm. Now I am laboring at home with major back labor and I just want to punch everyone! Contractions are still every 4-5 minutes but getting sent home really makes you question what is happening to your body. Ugh! Come on water break already!

Re: Holy pain!

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    Oops that posted twice. My brain doesn't work
  • My sister went through the same thing. She was sent home, labored there for like an hour, went back, and she was dilated MUCH farther. Best of luck! 
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  • If you're having back labor try leaning over the couch. It'll help take pressure off your back and "cradles" him to allow for him to get into position
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