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blood pressure problems

Hello all, my name is Amanda I am 24 weeks pregnant... a few days ago I was down the shore and I began to have sudden swelling in my ankles, feet, and calves. It wouldnt go away with rest, and was leaving indents with pressure. (It was not extremley hot at the shore, I stayed hydrated, etc..) anyway, my aunt suggested I monitor my blood pressure and purchased a monitor. I checked it yesterday after noon after being out for most of the day (again, stayed hyrdated, sat in shade, was in ac for part of day too) it was 144/105. I rechecked it 10 minutes after elevating my legs and went to 134/87. Today I have been keeping an eye on it and has been normal, but I have also been resting all day. From 121/76 to 119/73. My legs are still swollen, not as bad, but my right calf, ankle is worse with the pitting edema. Just confused as to what is going on.. should I mention to my doctor about it flucuating? Thanks!

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  • Definitely mention to your Dr. Blood Pressure is nothing to mess around with. I have had high bp with both pregnancies, and have been on medication throughout. Better safe than sorry! :)


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    I would call your doctor right away, as swelling can be normal, but in conjuction with high blood pressure, it can be a sign of preclampsia. 

    I have pre-existing blood pressure issues, and my family doctor has advised me to sit and relax for 5 minutes before taking my blood pressure at home in order to get a more accurrate reading. 

    In any case, blood pressure issues are nothing to mess around with, so I would call your doctor's office and see what they say.  They may want to bring you in for a check soon. 

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  • amfb12amfb12 member
    I have an appointment tomorrow early morning. I called my doc the other day about this all, it was a weekend he didnt seem concerned. I checked it again and it is 139/89. Seems to elevate when I am up moving around.
  • Definitely see your dr. I had high bp before pregnancy. I take labetalol for high bp. It keeps things under control. I have found that my bp does much better if I am laying down. Try to get some rest. When I am too tired, it goes up. The swelling along with bp could be signs of preclampsiaso seeing the dr is a great idea.
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    Thank you! Resting definitely helps. I know they mainly pay attention to the diastolic. Its been all over today, I know it is normal to flucuate but its just weird. Went back to 125/76 to 112/76.
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    Just got back from the doctors. The medical assistant checked my bp 3 times it was 139/40 while sitting up. Doc checked it while laying on left side 3 times about 10-15 mins later and it was 100/50 then sitting up again it was 110/50. Have to have it checked again thursday. Also did a PTC blood test.
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    Good luck with your appointment Thursday.  It's good you're being monitored and hopefully the blood pressure will regulate itself.  I took labetalol during my first pregnancy for blood pressure, and it was useful in keeping my blood pressure down until about my 39th week.  Hopefully you won't have to go on medication, but if you do, it's not the end of the world.
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  • amfb12amfb12 member
    Oops it was 139/89. Not 139/40. Then went low. But thank you! I am hoping it regulates too. But either way, I will do what I need to do for baby!
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