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School-Aged Children

Hi ladies (intro).

Hello there ladies. I am a mum of three gorgeous girls, a 7 year old that is about to start school, a four year old who is about to go into her second year of Pre-K and a three year old who is about to start Pe-K. Our fourth daughter is also due in august. 

Being 48, it's an odd experience having children is school when schools have changed almost entirely since I was there, and my husband and I have lots of questions about practically everything. We actually live in Sweden, and are Swedish, so I doubt anybody here could answer any questions we have about the educational system, but I guess kids are the same everywhere really.

DD1 is very excited about starting school, as is DD3, but we've been having problems with DD2, as she and DD3 will be in the same class, and she's not pleased about it, so there has been a lot of arguing in our house recently. All three of our girls are adopted, but DD1 and DD3 have the same biological mother, who they do not have contact with, but we are their 14 year old half-sister's "single dad" as she sometimes calls us, as we look after her every second weekend. We have contact with both of DD2's biological parents, but we don't hear as much from them now, since they have started University. 

So I guess that's us. Thanks for having us.
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