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just last minute nerves?

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brief background - i found out i was pregnant in may 2012 with twins. at 27 weeks we had a complication with our baby girl - she had cord doppler issues (decreased flow, at one point absent) and IUGR as well. Our MFM followed me very closely and recommended a c section so she didn't have to endure any undue stress. I was totally fine with that, in my opinion it's whatever is best for baby and mom.

fast forward - we had a little "oops" and became pregnant when the twins turned 1. i'm now 36w5d and have had a fantastic, uncomplicated pregnancy with a singleton. i am scheduled for a c section on 8/8, but recently have started having doubts. i had a great experience with my first section - needed no pain meds after, was up and walking the next day and overall had an amazing recovery. however now i'm looking at the fact that i have 2 toddlers depending on me, and the thought of not being able to lift/pick them up for 4-6 weeks stinks. to be honest, a vaginal birth scares the crap out of me! but again, i'm willing to overcome my fear for what's best for all of my children. i don't even know if my doctors will support me, but can a doctor actually refuse to do a VBAC? am i nuts for even thinking this at this point in my pregnancy? thanks for any feedback....i appreciate it! sorry this post was so long.

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Re: just last minute nerves?

  • I'm in a similar situation as I had an emergency c-section with DD at 30w6d and the recovery was great.  No meds and was up and active right away even though I had a vertical skin incision from belly-button to bikini line (uterine incision is low transverse).  Now we are 35w5d with #2 and trying to figure out what to do.  We were all set with a planned repeat at 39 weeks, but we went into labor last week and before they put me on Magnesium I was dilated to 2cm, about 80% effaced and 0 station.  We were told that since my body was already 'working' and showing signs that labor was possible that we had a really high chance of a successful vaginal delivery.  We were also told that she probably would not wait much longer and that her being around 6lbs was also favorable.  I am absolutely terrified at this point as I have not done any preparation for a vaginal delivery and have no idea what to expect!!  I trust my doctor and have to believe that this is the right choice for baby, but I am still pretty worried.  I know I didn't really help at all, just wanted to let you know I was in the same situation!  Good luck to you!!
  • I, too, am in a similar situation. I had a c-section w/DD#1 after she flipped to breech the day before my due date. Now w/DD#2 on the way I'm (like you) terrified of a vaginal delivery but can't imagine running after a toddler and a newborn while recovering from surgery. I would say that it's a really great sign that you had such a great recovery the first time, especially with twins. However, I wouldn't let fear of the unknown of a VBAC prevent you from trying it if you really want to. I will say, though, that your OB may refuse to attempt VBAC. The first doc I went to this time did so because the hospital where they deliver is "low risk only" and they consider VBAC too risky. I ended up moving to a different doc and hospital in order to have the option of a VBAC. I would say to discuss it with your doctor and see if they support VBAC. If not, you may need to find a new OB's office. Also, no, you're definitely not nuts for thinking about this - it's important that you feel comfortable with whatever decision you make; it's your body and your family/children. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about deciding what is best for all of you! Best of luck whichever you decide :)
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    I had a vaginal delivery with dd1 and emergency c/s with Dd2 due to breech position after I went into labor at 37w. My c/s recovery was pretty tortuous, and taking care of a 2yo and a newbie while recovering is tough, but you figure it out. That said, for me personally, I'd take a vaginal recovery any day, esp with other littles to care for. Good luck, whichever way you decide.
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  • Hate to say it, but there's no way to predict how things will go. I had two vaginal and one C-section, and my C-section recovery was easier. I have no advice, really! It's a hard decision.
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  • I had a c-section with my DD almost 8 years ago and a successful VBAC with my DS on June 1st of this year.  Strangely, I feel my VBAC was easier in the first few days as far as recovery goes and that my c-section recovery was easier after the first few days than my VBAC.  BUT, I had a bad tear with 7 sutures (40-50 stitches) and also an episiotomy.  It was almost a 4th degree tear.  So, my bottom was sore for a good while and my recovery was a bit difficult because of it.  With that being said, DS is now 3 months old and I would never know that had had such a bad tear because it healed quite nicely.  However, I will always have the reminder of my c-section because of the numbness and a bit of soreness if I press on my lower abdomen due to the nerve damage. Another thing is that I took Percocet after I left the hospital with my c-section and didn't take any pain medication after I left the hospital with my VBAC.

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