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Fussy Baby Strategies?

I'm exhausted and exasperated.  My 5 wk old DD, who is extremely fussy, can not even leave the house without making a scene.  I can't take her grocery shopping or anywhere else.  At home, I wear her in my Moby wrap just so I can do minimal things around the house.  She must be held.  Rarely, while she is awake, is she not screaming.  The Dr suggested she may have a bad case of GERD so she takes Zantac.  Amazingly, she sleeps through the night in her own crib, so she may not be colicky.  My house is a disaster.  I'm exhausted.  Worst of all, how will daycare handle this when I return to work?  

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Re: Fussy Baby Strategies?

  • Do you swaddled her during the day?

    Try to swaddled her, lay her on your chest and shhh into her ear while patting her bottom. Swaying her side to side may help too.

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  • flclflcl member
    Ugh, hang in there. LO hit his peak of fussiness between 5-6 weeks. It will get better. If you haven't tried the 5 S's, give them a go. Also, if wearing her in the moby works, do that more. I wore my guy almost all the time during those weeks. Is she napping for you during the day? Just curious as you said she's sleeping great at night.... GL
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  • jenn43jenn43 member
    My 8 week old is just starting to be less fussy in the evenings.  One trick that seems to help is playing familiar music (I use the playlist on my iPod that I listened to in the car the entire time I was pregnant).  Then I put him up on my chest and sing along.  He really likes Rob Thomas and Imagine Dragons.

  • I wear LO whenever we're outside the house if I can, any reason you're not using the moby wrap more?  Works like a charm for me.
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  • @lorist202
    -  I just had this same situation happen!!  my lil guy is just 7 weeks today and basically from week 5 to 6 it was hell!  I think it was part of a growth spurt and also part of the crescendo of peak fussiness.... he finally started calming down just  this past week after the weekend.  I found the same thing... he constantly wanted to be held, he constantly was unhappy, and he constantly would just not be soothed.

    I tried to hold him as much as possible and found out about the moby too late!  if wearing is working (which I found out this week has been amazing) then do that!  ALL THE TIME! My doula also imparted words of wisodom that along with the 5 S's a teeny one like this really just wants to be held.  My guy is still having difficult sleeping through nap time although he sleeps like a champ during hte night (unless he's waking up because he farts haha) so I've taken to laying down right next to him and almost cradling him so that he feels me.  He sleeps so much better and I get in a nap and since starting to do that, I've noticed that at a certain point I can sneak away and do other things and there are moments now when he'll go down and sleep alone too!  I also found the paci and a mammaroo swing is helpful (though the mammaroo is expensive) but it took the place of me swaying and swinging for over an hour at a time.  Hope it helps!

    Plus, with the moby wrap, you can always keep it wrapped around you where ever you go and just slip LO in and out.  Mine shrieks bloody murder going in but the second he's in there, he settles and falls alseep within minutes!  Good luck... it will get better although I can't promise that you won't be paranoid it'll start again... for the past 4 days I've been terrified he's going to start all over again!
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    Someone lend my husband and I this DVD.. it has a lot of great suggestions. 

    This is part 1 of many parts. I think it's around 40 mins long. 

    The Happiest Baby on the Block

  • vszappvszapp member
    Just wanted to give you some encouragement. My now 28 month old DD was just like this. I think she slept so well because she exhausted herself during the day. I wore her a lot and quite frankly didn't leave the house much other than for long walks in the moby. By 12 weeks she was much better, she had no trouble with the nanny when I went back to work, and honestly now she is the most amazing child. Truly she is a delight and so good natured. This too shall pass and you will barely remember this short but very trying period of time. So hold that sweet little one as much as you can and know that you will get to a much better place soon!



  • I wanted to let you know you are not alone. Both my son and daughter were/are like this. Son turned into a different baby at threeish months. I have always felt like I didn't enjoy my maternity leave with my first and was really looking forward to a different experience this time with no luck.

    Here's our story: DD is eight weeks this week and just in the last couple days started having content time in the swing or playmat for 5-15 minutes. Up until now she had zero content time and always had to be held. And not only held, I had to be standing, bouncing and shushing her. She freaks with anyone else including DH so I feel like I never get a break. She also does not take a paci and has a terrible colic witching hours from 6-9. This seems to be getting slightly better. Until about a week ago she would also only sleep on me so I was sleeping in a rocker off and on all night. Naps are still while baby wearing. Night sleep is now in the RNP most nights.

    I could go on and on but here's what's worked for me or at least sort of helped: baby wearing almost all day so I can do other things or go for a walk. Get out of the house, she usually falls asleep in the car and will stay asleep on errands and if not I baby wear while in the store. Have DH or someone hold her and even if she is crying give yourself a break and get away from the crying-I would go for a 20 min power walk or take a shower or have DH take her outside and I would try to take a quick 20 min nap. If the crying is bothering you, put on headphones while you try to calm LO (I have bad pp anxiety and her crying is my trigger so I have to pull the headphones out often). Just recently she has started to enjoy stroller rides/they calm her but before she hated. White noise. Bedtime routine with a bath with lavender oil. Swaddling. Chiropractor, started two weeks ago and feel it's made a difference.

    Sorry for the lack or formatting and the novel but a few weeks ago I felt like I couldn't find anyone on the bump that was going through this and I felt horrible. So I wanted to share our story so you know you aren't alone. Good luck. It's very hard having a baby like this. It will pass!

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  • hordolhordol member
    My son wasn't colicky or anything but had a 4 hour fussy time each day. It was exhausting. It peaked between 5 and 6 weeks and started getting a little better by 7, and now at 11 weeks doesn't really have a fussy time (although still fusses on occasion, just like any normal baby.) it will get better, hang in there! When DS is fussy he loves being taken outside and walking around the yard.
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  • Thank god for this thread, this is me and my guy is only 3 weeks. I looked into the moby but it got bad reviews on amazon. It's worth it? Easy to tie together for a klutz like me?
  • lizok22 said:
    Thank god for this thread, this is me and my guy is only 3 weeks. I looked into the moby but it got bad reviews on amazon. It's worth it? Easy to tie together for a klutz like me?
    Moby is amazing... I get asked about it all the time when I'm out and wearing it.  Get it!!
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