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How are your kids doing with utensils?
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Re: Utensils

  • DS still plays with his mostly, though he insists on having them whenever we eat.

    He can use them (full-size silverware, I've skipped over a lot of the intermediate stuff) when he puts his mind to it, though I wouldn't trust him with soup I have given him a tiny scoop of ice cream once and he put it away without making a mess. He still has a tendency to tilt the utensil as he tries to move the food from his plate to his mouth and will often discard the utensil for his fingers after awhile since it's easier for him.
    DD- 11/17/08, DD- 11/16/09, DS- 3/20/13 
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  • DD is just starting to get better.  I haven't been great about giving her utensils with every meal, but she can use a spoon pretty well with something like yogurt or rice.  She still spills quite a bit, but I can tell she is finally understanding the concept.  I have planned to just keep giving her a spoon &/or fork with every meal and let her use them if she wants to, but like I said I keep forgetting.  I do have the kid size utensils - and one spoon I got as a gift that has the actual spoon part tilted from the handle.
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  • DS also ends up holding the fork in one hand and eating with the other for most meals. Every time he gets something on the fork and into his mouth he gets super excited, so that's like 2 bites per meal. He does better with a spoon, especially with yogurt and chunky soups. We use both regular utensils and metal toddler forks. The plastic toddler forks were useless, he couldn't get anything on them.
  • DS uses a fork and spoon. He is in the independent phase where now he won't each yogurt or applesauce without holding the spoon himself. If he is really hungry he will just use his hands still.
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