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Postpartum Depression

Husband hits baby

My DH has never hit me and is the kindest man I know. However ever since bringing our DS home he has changed. He gets stressed when our 6 week old cries to the point of "spanking" him. Last night he came to me crying saying he hit him again. He says he never does it hard, but I am obviously still upset. I tell him to come get me when he feels that way. He thinks DS hates him and I think he has the Postpartum depression. What should I do?

Re: Husband hits baby

  • Men really can have anxiety and depression after having a baby. I would be so upset in your situation. I honestly don't know what to say. You definitely need to take control of thus situation ASAP!

    Would he be willing to speak to someone? Counselor or psychologist?
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  • I talked with him about talking with someone. He is reluctant but I think I can convienc him to
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  • he needs to talk with someone to get help.

    at the hospital where i delivered, they give a DVD on shaking babies and what to do if you feel that way. they also give all newborns a purple hat.  the purple hat is to represent a visual reminder not to shake your baby, as well as to take into consideration the tips they provided in the DVD.

    child abuse and neglect color is blue. find some literature online about hitting children, read it together, make plans, dress baby in blue, be supportive to one another, open talking about needing breaks. maybe take breaks together before things happen - go for walks around the neighborhood.

    most importantly he needs help. he should not be left unsupervised with the baby until he gets help.


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  • I keep looking for updates. This post has haunted me for a couple days.

  • @chris246, please let us know how things are going.
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  • He needs to get himself under control before he comes in contact with that baby again. Please do whatever it takes.
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  • i keep checking back. hopefully this is not a sick joke.


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  • I was thinking the same thing after I responded!
  • @chris246 how are things?

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  • It says she hasn't been active since July 1. Don't know if she's coming back or not. :(
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  • He needs to get help. End of discussion.

    That is in no way acceptable.
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