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Hi! My husband and I are at that point where we are thinking of starting a family. We think its still going to be a bit, but I like to research and plan ahead, especially for something as life-changing as a baby. My question is, my husband is a teacher, so we wouldn't need childcare during the summer months or over winter/spring break, etc. How do you go about finding either a center or an in-home child care that will accomodate this, without calling or emailing every single one? Anyone have any recommendations?

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  • Congrats!  I noticed that some of the inhome daycares in my community specifically noted that they were only open during the academic year (at least one actually said that she caters to teachers).  I also know that some providers are willing to work out an arrangement to hold your spot during the summer months (often for a fee, but not your normal weekly rate).  This would be something that you would need to ask during the interview.  I did a google search for my licensed in home day care providers with my county name (for example hennepin county mn in home licensed daycare) and found a searchable list (organized by community).  This might be a good starting point for your search if you want to go with an inhome daycare.
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  • We interviewed quite a few in-home daycares and all had different policies. Our current daycare asks us to pay for 2 days a week instead of the full cost. We bring my daughter once a week (could do 2, but I don't want to), so she can stay familiar with her and the other kids.
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  • We just had to call and ask their policy. Our in-home requires us to pay for 2 days/week in the summer, and we pay for holidays/spring breaks as well. This summer we pulled DD out full-time because then our provider was able to fill the spot full-time, so making her more money and saving us some, and we get our spot back at the end of the summer.
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  • It all is going to be dependent upon the individual DCP for what their policy is. The place DS attends has some families that don't use any DCP during the summer months then have DCP the rest of the school year.  Or some kids go to PT during the summer and FT during the school year. 

    Chances are you may want to maintain PT with a DCP during the summer months just so that you can have set time for a break or running errands. It really is one of those bridges you cross when you get there because the routine with the DCP also becomes important as well as playing and the social aspect of being around other kids. DS is PT year-round, but there are so many things he's learned at daycare that there's zero chance I could have done as good of a job as they are teaching him things. I can't imagine pulling him out for part of the year then having to readjust.

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