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Names we like

Girl - Helena, Genevieve, Clair/Clarice, Charlotte, Gabrielle

 Boy - Sebastian, Leonardo, Nolan

I am pretty awful at coming up with FN and MN combinations though.  I am more likely to consider family names for middle names, like Patrick, Diane, Dean, or Jerrod. 

Re: Names we like

  • I love Genevieve.  Your boy names are nms, but I like them.
  • Love your names! Sebastian is our #2 boys name and we plan on using it for the next boy (if we have more than one son).

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  • Like Helena, Claire, Charlotte and Gabrielle.

    Like Sebastian and Leonardo.

    Hate Nolan.

    Clarice is creepy because of Hannibal.

  • I like Genevieve and Sebastian best.  I also like Diane as a middle name.  That is a name we might use for future middle names. 
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  • i like all of your girl names with the exception of clarice. ?i personally prefer "claire."


    the boy names are meh.?

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  • I really like your girl names, but with Claire spelled correctly.
  • I like the girls name except Clarice.  Nolan is a name that I urge you to test drive... say it out loud for like a week.  I had a Nolan in my class a few years ago and it started to sound weird after awhile.
  • Like Helena, Genevieve, Claire, Charlotte.

    Do NOT like Clarice because of Hannibal association.

    Don't like Gabrielle, but like Gabriella.

    Love Sebastian - its on our list.

    Don't like Leonardo or Nolan.

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  • clarice was what we were naming baby if it had been a girl, so I love it. 
  • I like Clair but I would spell it Claire...

    Also like Leonardo but be prepared for it to be "Leo" or "Leon"

  • Helena, Charlotte, Gabirelle = thumbs up

    Clarice = so so

    Clair/ Claire (along with Grace and Faith) are really, really over done IMO. Those three names sound like minddle names or "filler".

    Genevieve is just a lot of name for a little person, but it's fine.

    Not wild about the boy names, but they're not bad - just nms.



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  • I love your girl's names!  Several of them are on my list.  The boy's names are NMS.
  • My favorites out of those are: ?Charlotte and Nolan
  • Love them all, although Genevieve is not my favorite. I especially like Helena.


    Sebastian is our #1 boy name, and we're pretty much 95% sure we'll use it if we have a boy. 


  • Like them all but Clarice...HELLO CLARICE...Hannibal Lector
  • You have great taste in names. The only one I don't like is Clarice.
  • The girl names are nms but i LOVE your boy names...but I love Leo not Leonardo.
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  • I love Charlotte and Sebastian.
  • Love all your names except Leonardo and Nolan.

    But really, the main reason I'm commenting is because I LOVE your siggy.  Hilarious! 

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