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  • -auntie- said:
    The ODD is more a 16p one. That is the primary dx and everything else is a result of. He's ignoring and walking away when people talk to him, arguing about everything, etc. For example last night he didn't want to eat his supper. My rule is you eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full ( not plate clearing ) but if you don't eat well, the next food offered when you are hungry will be that meal heated up. He flipped, kicking and screaming at me trying to get to our pantry slamming doors. I told him he had two choices, eat his left over supper or go hungry. He flipped more and I had to hold him like a football to carry him up the steps since he wasn't moving. He grabbed the railing and held while trying to kick me. He's getting bigger and I won't be able to do this soon.
    After spending Wednesday through Sunday with my mother, she asked me if we thought of ADHD and ODD for possible things that were going on with Chris. This sounds silly that this is a brag but she FINALLY gets it. I came clean with her today that he was recently diagnosed with both and we were told to wait to medicate him until September.  

    I am a fan of summer med trials. It's really best if you can try meds outside of the academic year so will have him under your watch for things like side effects and dose-related glitches like activation.

    ODD and ASD are not very common comorbids. It does occur, but it pretty unusual IME. Sometimes the behavioral approaches to the two conditions are at odds with each other. It can be hard to navigate as a parent. Often the schools was to ascribe everything to the "won't" of ODD rather than even consider the "can't" of ASD. 

    I know a couple kids who were briefly thought to have ODD when it was just extreme impulsivity/hyperactivity of ADHD. With meds and maturity, it typically gets better.

    Glad you're getting your people on your team. 

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