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Control Issues

I went with matched birthmom to her ultrasound today, amazing! I got to see his little face and he was moving constantly. Some good pics and healthy measurements! 32 weeks 5 days! I found out today she has gestational diabetes, and I'm gonna try not to overthink the next 7 weeks. Just like everything else throughout this adoption journey, yet another thing out of my control. It's not like I can make sure she eats right and checks her blood sugar regularly. I took her to the pharmacy and got the monitor and strips, so I think she'll keep it under control, I just worry. Other than that all is well, 7 more weeks, I can't believe this is actually happening!

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  • You're so right! Thank you for saying that about that term "birthmom", that's why I love this board, because this is new and I don't know all of the dos and donts, I appreciate the honesty! I have no doubt she wants the best for this baby, but considering her situation (unknown to the rest of the world) I just worry she's has the resources to what she needs, if that makes sense? And when doctors are talking risk factors, and mention the word "stillborn" I panic and worry. I think it's just a natural reaction for any person, I am just scared for anything to go wrong at this point, and not just selfishly for myself. I have an amazing relationship with her, she truly has been a blessing in our lives, and a new friend for life! Thanks for listening and mentioning knowing others that have experienced GD without any complications:)
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  • So glad that didn't come across as harsh! I totally get what you mean- I feel the same way when I have pregnant friends who I think don't have all the knowledge they could about it. I think you could always offer to help her in a way that won't offend her, like "Hey, know this whole GD thing sucks for you because you have to change everything. If you'd like I could help you find some info on it, help you meal plan or shop together, etc." A's Mom offered to help me very casually with some pregnancy stuff and I LOVED having another support. I'd go to her for tips on proper diet, supplements, etc, whenever something came up and it was great to be a team so early.
    Birthmom to A, 1/8- the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

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  • Lurker here! I had GD and baby was just fine. Serious complications are really rare. Just wanted to reassure you.

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