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upping Zoloft dose

Just curious if any others have had a similar experience with Zoloft (or another antidepressant)... started out on 50mg, went up to 75mg, and now at 100mg for past 2 weeks. I felt a positive change after a few days on the 100mg, but now 2 weeks in I'm super tired and anxious (even a couple panic attacks). It's so weird. I'm scared it's just not going to work or something. Maybe this is supposed to happen before it actually gets better?? Thanks :)

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    I would mention it to your dr. I felt stable at 100mg during pregnancy, but after having our little guy, it wasn't working as well. 

    Then added xanax as needed without upping my zoloft dose. You may need another dose change or a new med. 

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  • I heard that it takes two weeks to start working. I don't think you should be getting more anxious on it. Your dr may switch it.
    I just started Zoloft again after reacting weird to it before. My pills are only 50 mg and I took a 1/4 of the pill and still feel a little dizzy, short of breath, lightheaded, insomnia and a little weak.
    Did anyone gave this and is it normal?
    Did it go away?
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