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Let's get happy!!!!

I know we have our bitchfest and what made you cry boards, let's have a what made you happy board!

I haven't gotten to spend much time together since he's trying to work as much overtime as possible to save money. The other day we both had off work and went shopping for all the big things we still needed for baby. We got to spend literally a whole day together and even when work called to try and get him to come in he said no he had important things happening.

So what's your smile moment?

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Re: Let's get happy!!!!

  • 1. Sushi buffet for lunch. DELICIOUS.
    2. Long back massage and foot rub last night from MH. awesome.






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  • Great idea for a post!  I feel like all I do on TB lately is complain.

    My husband is coming tomorrow and he'll be here for the long weekend!

    Also, only one more day of work this week!  :) :) :)
  • DH had been trying to get our 16 month old to "kiss" the baby, so he's always kidding my belly. And he talks to her sometimes. Best of all, last night I was so uncomfortable, and he started running my hips. Without being asked.
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  • My LO did a full rotation and every time before that she moves and DH tried to do feel her, she stopped. Yesterday, he could see her move. Great moment.

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  • I am down to part time for work now!!! Financially not going to be the best, but have been SO tired and in pain I am thoroughly excited!!!!
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  • We're heading up to my family's cottage this weekend, just us & the dog, so I'm psyched for that :D We haven't been up since early February (yay snowshoeing on the lake!), then before that was Thanksgiving!
    I soooo can't wait to go swimming! I think I'll live in the water the whole time.

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