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  • We should do this instead of NHIE
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    TTGP since September 2013. All cycles were annovulatory due to Depo. 
    Surprise BFP: November 5, 2014

    lizzyp9112[Deleted User]
  • We should do this instead of NHIE
    Yess.... NHIE, TTC edition.  That would be a really interesting spin!

    Married 9-1-12 (On Depo until 4-12)        Me- 33, DH- 36
    NTNP starting 9-12, Actively TTC since 9-13
    My DX- Hypothyroidism.  Prescribed Synthroid
    DH's DX- Severe MFI- first SA results: 1.3 mill (1.2 mill motile), 21.6% motility, 2% morphology
    Blood test revealed low testosterone so DH was prescribed Clomid.  Repeat blood test and SA in November.

    [Deleted User]lilsneezy
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    @lizzyp9112‌ I avoid pinning baby related things at all costs. Or hide them on a secret board. I have too many friends and family that would ask a bazillion questions if they saw any indication we were TTGP.
    I have an entirely separate Pinterest account for all things pregnancy/baby/kids. But that's also partly because I want to become a doula after I pop out my first kid. But also because I don't want to suspicion. 

  • SNLT1012 said:
    Obsessing about potential due dates after Ovulation is confirmed. #ttcproblems
    I literally just looked mine up 5 mins ago. 
    March 13th, 2015!
    Sounds like a lucky day to me. Who doesn't love a Friday the 13th :)

    Mine would be St. Paddy's Day. Epidurals and Guinness please. 
    ---quote box fail--- What a lucky day! That's my birthday, great day to have a baby. Plus, you know, when that baby is old enough to go out and party there will never be a shortage of people partying ;) March 25 here.
    I do this too. Mine would be March 25 as well, which is my birthday. St Paddy's would be cool!
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