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Ugh puppps!!

I had my 24 week check up today. The dr confirmed this horrible itching that started a couple days ago is puppps. I itch from the bottoms of my feet to my neck. Nothing is working. So I am so glad they prescribed some medicine. However a little worried about taking a steroid but she reassured me it won't harm the babies. (They are also running tests to ensure no liver issues).

I bought grandpas pine tar soap and V8 juice. Anyone else have any tips? I can't spend 14 weeks like this. I'm about ready to peel my skin off.

Re: Ugh puppps!!

  • Oh I feel so sorry for you! I was itchy just like that too and finally they determined it was pregnancy eczema (didn't even know that was a thing!). I found some lotion at CVS that has Aloe Vera in it - it helps, so it might help you also.  I even put on a ton of Aloe Vera gel (like the After Sun stuff) and for some reason the cooling sensation really helped me.  My doctor suggested using an ice pack right where it itches the most, but I always thought that made it worse. 

    Good luck and I hope you find some relief! 14 weeks is a ways to go still!  Good luck!

  • I just read dandelion root extract can help with pupps itching.
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  • I feel your pain. I'm 34 weeks and also have PUPPs but just got diagnosed last week. I've been taking cold baths and showers each morning and night. I also love getting in the car because the AC blows right on my hands which is where my itching is the worst. Regular lotion after the bath helps a little but overall it's miserable. I would take swollen feet and generally being uncomfortable any day over this.
  • Gold bond cooling lotion and ice packs helped ease the itching a little bit. I'm so sorry you are going through this
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