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St Paul OB recommendation-placenta previa-possible c-section

I had hoped to deliver at St. Joe's with the HealthEast midwives, but it looks like for now I'll have to see an OB due to placenta previa (and probably deliver somewhere with a NICU...United and Regions are fairly close to me, but Abbot Northwestern is also not too far since I'm far enough west in St Paul that I'm nearly in Minneapolis). Does anyone have an OB recommendation? I'm currently seeing someone in the HealthPartners Health Center for Women, but I really hate dislike them, so I want to see someone else. Dr. Ulland in HealthEast is awesome, but apparently doesn't do prenatal care anymore, so he recommended Metro OBGYN, which is out of network for me (I have Tricare), so that's not the best option for me. Does anyone have any suggestions for people they really like? I can get a list from Tricare, but I'd just be throwing a dart, since I've never heard of any of them. Thanks!

Re: St Paul OB recommendation-placenta previa-possible c-section

  • I love my OB and they have offices in Edina, Plymouth and downtown Minni.  John A Haugen Associates.  I see Dr. Schmitz but Dr. Ambur delivered my first baby via c-section at Abbott and I loved her.  Dr. Flom delivered my second baby also at Abbott and she was fine.  I didn't have much interaction with her.  Both my babies were early, my first 6 weeks, so I had one emergency C and one non emergency C but she came before my RCS so that is why my dr. ended up not at my deliveries.  I loved Abbott and had very good care there.  The nurses were attentive and honest.  No pushy breast feeding nurses which was nice because I was on the fence about BFing my second after a rough time with my first.  No judging and very caring.  The new mother and baby center is great too.  Just make sure you get scheduled there well in advance if you want to deliver there.  GL!  
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  • IMO, go Abbot or United... I'd lean towards United because they're hooked right in with Children's and there's a lower amount of separation in terms of you being able to be with your LO during your hospital stay if they require the NICU... They've renovated a lot of the rooms to be more "family" rooms so you can potentially sleep right there.  I know it sounds petty, but the food there is GREAT so being stuck eating it during the entire time there it's a little "creature comfort" when visiting their cafeteria (their oatmeal-raisin cookies - TO D** FOR!!).   What I'd do is set up a tour, then ask some of the nurses while you're touring "if you had to have a cs which Doc would you have do it?" and you'll get a range of good answers because they're there every day seeing what those Docs do.  I learned a lot just talking with the L&D nurses that made things SO much easier on me!
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  • Abbot is connected with Childrens in that the NICU is on the same floor.  When my son was in the NICU/Special care nursery at the old hospital I only had to go up three floors which was ok but now the new mother and baby center you have the special care nursery right there and you are not separated from your baby.
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  • I'd recommend United. Highly skilled MDs for emergent cases. Transfer care to MPP or Parkview OB/Gyn
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