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S/O--When do you find out which teacher your child got?

DD is dying to know which teacher she will have for the upcoming school year.  She is also excited to know what friends are in her class.  When do you find out your child's teacher for the 2014-2015 school year?  Our first day is Monday, August 18th.  We find out the Monday before (August 11th) who DD's teacher will be.  Around here, most school districts let the families know around a week before school starts.  Though one district lets their students know the last day of the school year (they put the teacher's name in with the child's report card).
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Re: S/O--When do you find out which teacher your child got?

  • It's in the schools computer system (if u log on) up to 1-2 weeks in advance. Otherwise, it's released in print the Thursday before school starts which is also "meet the teacher."

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  • I just got a call from the school yesterday saying that DS got a spot in the a.m. Kindergarten class (he's been on the waiting list since feb). She said they are sending out letters this week with confirmation and teacher placement. I'm anxious to hear who he'll have!!
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  • I think you are correct that this varies from district to district.  In my kids' district, teachers come back the Monday before the kids do.  The first thing they do is send a postcard to each student with their name and a room number.  So, we generally find out on Tuesday of the week before school.  That Friday is "Meet the Teacher" day, and kids can go to school, find their classrooms, take in bulky supplies, etc.  Then school starts the following Monday.

    In secondary school it's different.  Kids get to school and look at a list to find out their homeroom teacher.  Then the homeroom teacher distributes the schedules on the first day.  
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  • We find out about two weeks before school starts.
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    Unless they get a few more kids to enroll, there will be only one section of Kindergarten this year, in which case we already know which teacher. The other K teacher retired, but if they get more kids and get a second teacher, we won't find out until open house the week before school starts.
  • We got our letter today and got the teacher that we were hoping for!! Woohoo!!
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  • We'll find out the week before school starts. Florida is weird. My friends up north already know and school just let out.
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  • I think we find out the day before school starts. I'd like to know a little sooner.
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  • We find out a couple days before at meet the teacher day.
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  • About a week or two before
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  • The PTA throws a "welcome back to school" ice cream party the Friday before the first day of school and class lists are posted then.

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  • We just got our teacher letter in the mail on Saturday, so a week and a half before school starts. We'll get to meet their teacher on Thursday at the welcome (back) night.
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  • We got DD's teacher assignment on her report card the last day of school, and the teachers do home visits over the summer.  (This is through a grant, so I don't know if all the elementary school teachers in the district do home visits or it's just DD's school.)  Last year we didn't find out until her teacher called for her home visit, but it was still sometime in July, well before school started.
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  • We don't find out until the first day of school -- the teachers will be waiting outside that morning with class lists posted.
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  • We just got a back to school memo and our district is emailing the elementary teacher assignments next Friday. I'm going to be stalking my email all day!

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