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I want to completely redesign our profile book

I put together our profile book well over a year ago. (We have been in the waiting pool for a year. If we don't match within the year, we are pulling our profile.) But since we have had some changes to our lives (I graduated with my Masters degree a week ago, started a kick ass new job, brought home a new dog, remodel to our home, etc) I have to redo some of the pages.  

This past year I have taken some design courses and have new design software, I want to completely redo our book. I look at it now and see areas where I could do much better. I'm sure to a BM or BF, it is not a big deal but to me, I know I can do better.  Anybody else have this happen? I plan on making the changes but I am afraid that it will make the book look inconsistent.  (I originally used Mixbooks.com.) 

Pursing Domestic Infant Adoption through a local agency. In the meantime, our dog is our baby.  Bumping from Portland, Oregon. 

Re: I want to completely redesign our profile book

  • I say go for it. Our agency suggested revisiting/revising a profile book after 9 months or so if we hadn't been matched. I don't see how completely redoing it would be inconsistent.
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    We've been in the waiting pool 16 months. We recently redid our book as well to update some changes in our life, and because I felt like when we first made the book it was our first draft really. We'd never created a profile book before. I also felt like it helped me feel productive and pass some time.
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