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Oh Boy, Oh Boy....Oh Boy

Ladies (cause sometime you lurk, which is cool.) and Gentlemen (cause this is our board),

I'm proud to introduce Zachary and Sawyer, my twins boys! It's been a while since I've posted, working from home and keeping my 21 month old isn't as easy as it seemed on paper, but I'll try to post more often. (Said the guy with 3 kids)

Anywho, our twins were due in July, but they came 10 weeks early. The boys have been in the NICU for a month now and probably have a month to go, but they are kicking butt. We're down there every day and the chaos with juggling that schedule along with my toddler is rough, but I figured having 3 kids under the age of 2 is going to be chaotic anyway, might as well get use to it.

Life is good. Hope you are all well.
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Re: Oh Boy, Oh Boy....Oh Boy

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    Congrats and good luck on your sanity!

  • Congrats DavidStamps! Wow its been crazy ride for you! But i feel ya about the chaos! My 3rd is due in August and ill have 3, 3 and under, and all boys! IM glad the twin boys are doing great! The real juggling will begin once the twins are home! My wife had to adjust to having a second child with a toddler, now we will have the task of juggling a newborn with 2 toddlers, which is still a task in itself.  But knowing you and your wife, you will be great! Once again congrats! And like so many people ask me, "are you gonna still try for that girl?!?!" LOL
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  • Congrats, hope you life gets more stable.
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  • @23Marcus - NO WAY. We will count the 3 boys as a blessing and let any hopes of having a girl go. My wife had crazy complications after the twins and her OB begged her to stop after them....it's a risk they don't think we should take. BUT we were already done, one more kid and we officially outgrow our house and the idea of sending them all to college becomes questionable...
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  • Congrats! Good luck sleeping! :)
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
  • Congrats David and keep up the good work Zachary and Sawyer!
  • Congrats and I hope they keep doing well. 10 weeks early is scary. Ours came 6 weeks early. I copied your announcement style because I liked it. Hope you don't mind.
  • Congrats on the boys!

    Proud 40 year old, first time daddy!
  • @DavidStamps - Any updates? Are they home yet?

  • Congrats! Were in a similar situation. Grace was 16 mo when the triplets were born. 10 wks early and spent 6-8 wks in nicu. Super healthy the entire time. Hope all goes well with your family!


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