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why less now??

my ds is6 weeks old and has been bf from the start (he gets bottles if we are out somewhere but not a lot ), but now it seems like i am making less milk. i used to leak all the time and be able to have a second bottle to collect from one side while pumping the other etc....my breasts also dont feel that hard any more. are  they just not working anymore or is this normal?? am worried that i should also start giving formula so heis getting enough. at his 1 month appt. he had gained 1.3kg and the dr was happy with all the measuremens but i am still worried :( thanks.

Re: why less now??

  • First off, calm down.  Your breasts are a milk factory. IN the beginning they tend to make more than you need and then adjust to what "orders" the baby is placing.  Just because your breasts are soft does not mean you are not making enough for your baby.  It's normal.  As long as your baby is happy and gaining weight there is no need to run off and get formula.
  • Your supply is regulating itself now, its all very normal.  You still have plenty of milk you just wont get as engorged during the day.
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  • It sounds to me that your supply is regulating as the other posters have said. I was so happy when my boobs weren't leaking all the time anymore and DD wasn't having to chug to keep up with the let down!
  • This is really common around 6 weeks.  Your breasts will feel softer most of the time, but there is still milk there.  Your supply now matches your baby's demand.  You'll be fine Smile
  • thanks for your reassurances- i thought all of this would just be natural but it is a lot more confusing than i thought!!
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