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Flower Mound/Lewisville mommies to be?

We just moved here from Austin in August and I would love to connect with others in the area, especially going through the same thing! I am 8 weeks pregnant with our first! Hope to hear from someone soon :)

Re: Flower Mound/Lewisville mommies to be?

  • Just wanted to say welcome. We moved from Austin two years ago! How do you like it so far? For us it was a little bit of culture shock! Everything seems so much more serious and more fast paced here!


  • Thanks! I like it actually, better than Austin! I am originally from LA so I missed the fast pace  :)

     Maybe we can still connect soon! How far along are you?

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  • Sure that would be nice. I am 16 weeks and live in Plano area.
  • ::waves hi:: i'm in Flower Mound but not expecting. Welcome to the neighborhood!
    Mommy of two girls: DD1 4/14/9 DD2 4/15/11
  • Hi!  I'm in Lewisville near Flower Mound and have a 3 month old!  Feel free to PM me if you have questions about the area or anything!
  • Hello! This is actually my first time posting on this board. I'll go back out and intro.

    I just wanted to say, welcome to the area! I'm a little north of that area, in Denton.

    Not expecting either, but my little guy is 5weeks old today!
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  • My husband and I grew up in Austin and have been living in Flower Mound for about 5 years.  We love it here!  

    I'm 7 weeks (first appt is Tuesday to confirm) and this is our first too!  We haven't told anyone yet; we're waiting til Christmas!  (I know I'm being crazy paranoid, but wanted to throw that out there!)   :)

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  • Hi! I live in flower mound I have a 14mo old and just found out I'm prego with #2. Would love to meet up, send me a message

  • I live in flower mound! 24 weeks today!
  • I also live in Flower Mound.  I have lived here all my life.  I have three kids ages 7,5, and 3.  I am expecting number 4. 
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  • Hey! I saw you were 24 weeks on 1/24. I'll be 27 weeks this Friday. How's it going for you? Do you know what you're having? Is this your first baby? :
  • Hi all! I just found out I'm expecting #1...I just moved to Lewisville/Flower Mound area...any OB suggestions?
  • Dr paroski- flower mound women's health

  • Thank you! What did you like about that dr?
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    Hi, I am a mother of a 5 year old and I am currently 34 weeks and I also live in the flower mound/Lewisville area.

    Does anyone know what hospital they are going to be delivering at or has delivered at?


  • I love Dr. Paroski at Flower Mound Women's Health. She's in the professional building at the hospital, and she's the only gyno I've ever had; now she's my OB and I LOVE her!!

  • If all goes as planned, I'll deliver at the
    Presbyterian hospital in Flower Mound. :-)

  • My OB is Dr Vicki Allen an I love her, I have decided to go with TPH Flower Mound. We have our baby classes next week and then again in March. I'm really looking forward to it. I didn't care for medical center of lewisville when I had my son. So I'm glad there's more choice now :-)


  • Hi I am 5 weeks. I have a 5 year old boy. This will be my second. Would love to get to know some other moms from around the area.
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