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Intro Time

Well I geuss that i should start to throw my two cents into this board and Introduce myself after trolling and reading for some time.

So here it goes.

At the moment my wife (Megen) and I are trying to bring our first into the world. Im hoping to find out soon that we got lucky and are expecting. I am beyond excited to be a father myself. I want a little one that i can teach and raise.

Just a small bit of background on my self. Im 27 been a career machinist for the past 9 years. Married Happily for the past year and a half. Both Megen and I are gamers and general comic nerds which is one of the reason that brought us together.

Well I cant wait to see what the future holds and what wisdom all you will bestow upon me.
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Re: Intro Time

  • I am a gamer also, not as die hard as my friends who go to some of the major Cons especially the Indy Con.  I am pretty socially ackward so I don't go to Cons, I have a hard time talking to strangers.

    I still play 2nd Ed D&D and at work I have a gamer "wife" who plays various games with.  We have some others but none as die hard as we are.

    One of the new games that we really like is Ascesion made by some of the top winners of Magic.
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  • On a side note, it seems like some women like to start drama on other boards, MW's (my wife's) bump month board (BMB) had someone start a lot of drama on D-Day that kept everyone all spun up.  Some times people start a thread on a different board and it flows over to other boards.
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  • I still play DND 3.5e with a group of guys. me and my wife will play Team fortres 2 together alot. Ill be on the desktop and she will be on th laptop and we usually work together become one mean combo or we will fire up and do a hammers only game together and honestly she has athe majority of the wins in that.

    Our weding was inspired by Bioshock and we both have jacks tatoo on our wirst some gaming comics and general nerd culture our were we live and thrive. it is what brought us together in the first place.

    Right now I have Been playing Titanfall and Tropico 4 still/. I am big into most genres minus racing, sports, and MMO.

    As long as all stays clam and cool ill be on regularly.
  • Welcome to the board. Hopefully you are still in the fun stage of trying. After about 6 attempts things start to become not so much fun.

    @TJ - We used to get a lot of Dad perspective questions. Actually, it was about all the action the board got in the beginning. A lot of women do lurk our board and read our stuff. Sometimes one will chime in. We did have a couple posters who were a bit extreme in their opinions and whenever a woman posted it usually led to an argument. Those guys are gone now though.

    Maybe if our board picks up again and we can get a better reputation those questions will start to flow back in.

  • We have been talking about it for some time and reading alot to get more education and a few weeks ago we decided to be spontaneous about it and decided now was the time. Well she was about ten days late we decided to test this morning and well I guess my waiting game is now over. 

    We didn't expect to get lucky so fast since both sides had trouble conceiving and thought we would have trouble too. We both were surprised and very happy and I think very lucky. 
  • Wow, congrats. You two are very lucky indeed.

  • My wife actually will point out posts for me to read and I do the same for her.  I tend to post a lot more than my wife.  I will even run things by my wife prior to posting on the baby month board.
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  • With the boards, it is very hit and miss.  My wife's 1st BMB (Dec '10) was very welcoming of me, but they all migrated to Facebook a few months back.  There are some other boards where strangers who do not follow exact protocol are essentially stoned in their public square.  We had a post I believe about dads drinking breast milk and it started a cross post that created drama.

    The dads here, minus one that I could think of (who is no longer here), are pretty much drama free and just want to talk beer, sports, cars, and parenting.

    Congrats on the decision to start trying, be patient, for some people it can be a very long process.
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