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administer medicine to 8 week old

DS has been presribed zantac for reflux.  

I've tried using the syringe to put the liquid in the back corner of his mouth--he spit it out.  I've tried mixing it with some breastmilk--he screams and refuses to take the bottle.  I've tried mixing it with breastmilk in the syringe and putting inside his cheek--he spit it out.  

He gets it 3 times a day and it's becoming very stressful and upsetting for DS and myself.  Any other suggestions for administering the meds?
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Re: administer medicine to 8 week old

  • With both my kids, I've had the most success by putting it in the back corner of their mouth. DD has been a little more challenging though and I find I have to have her laying on her back, hold her chin up and squeeze her cheeks together in order to stop her from spitting it out.

    It took her about 2m before she stopped automatically spitting it out.
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  • Will your pharmacy add flavoring? It costs two dollars at mine and the only flavor they could add to the zantac was grape, but it definitely made it easier. We would mix it in one of those baby bottle medicine dispensers (think super tiny bottle) and give it to her when we knew she was super hungry. Worked like a charm for us. Good luck!

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  • Put it in a bottle nipple. By the time they realize they've been duped, it's all gone :)
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