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Coughing Kid - Need help - Update

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DD came back from visiting her grandparents with a pretty bad cough. She was up most of last night, and so was I, trying to sooth her. It seems like one of those coughs caused by the nasal discharge dripping in her throat. We tried Zarbees Cough syrup, humidifier running, honey, benedryl to dry her sinuses, and vicks vapor rub on her feet and chest. But none of it seemed to comfort her much. Any suggestions on other ways to sooth the cough? She is staying home from daycare today with H, I think he wants to take her to the doctor, although I am pretty sure it is just a virus she will have to get over on her own.

Update: The doctor says she has croup! He is putting her on prednisone for treatment. I know that it is a steriod - my Mom has been on it for a chronic condition she has. Anyone know what to expect while she is on it? I really want her to get some rest, as she has barely slept for the past couple days. Hopefully we are on the path to recovery. 
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