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Car Seat Help for almost 3 year old

HI Everyone,
 I'm not sure if this is where to ask. My daughter will be 3 in July. She is 43 lbs and 41" tall. I currently have the Graco Smart Seat 3 in 1. But it is big and doesn't fit in my husband truck easily. We are looking to buy a second car seat. We want something that will still grow with her, but also would like the harness option as we are TTC and that way we wouldn't have to buy another car seat later on.
Any suggests?


Re: Car Seat Help for almost 3 year old

  • Harmony defender is a nice, slim seat. We have a Diono radian, which is also slim. We have our youngster rearfacing in it still.

  • Also look at the evenflo securekid, it is also pretty slim.

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  • Your post is a little confusing to me.  Are you saying you want a harnessed seat that you can pass down?  Because at her age she absolutely needs to be harnessed regardless but since I'm assuming she's forward facing you wouldn't need to buy a convertible seat.  You could buy a combination seat but since it's forward facing you wouldn't be able to pass that down to a baby.  However, your little girl needs to remain harnessed for at least two more years, maybe longer and then will need a high back booster for years more so the combination seat makes sense.
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  • yeah.yeah. member
    I can't get past a 43 pound 3 year old. Holy shit. My 3.5 year old is 28 pounds :/
  • Both my husband and I are 6 ft tall we are both average weight. My daughter isn't really chubby at all. She is 98% for both height and weight. She just looks like a 4 or 5 year old. But defintely still acts like a 3 year old. She was 9lbs 3oz when she was born and 21 inchs long. I was the same way growing up. I was 5'8" by the time I was in 8th grade and 5'11" by senior year.

  • My son is 3.5 yo, 43lbs, and 39-40" tall. We just bought the Eddie Bauer XRS65 and I LOVE IT! I was having serious problems getting my Graco MyRide installed or uninstalled from the car. The Eddie Bauer seat was so easy to install. It's much smaller than the Graco-- it sits lower on the seat so it takes up much less space. It's got a 5 point harness and it's good til 65 pounds so I figure he'll be big enough for a booster when he outgrows it. And the seat was pretty cheap. $125 at Target online.

    The only downside is the cupholder sticks out oddly and is cheap. It will probably break very soon. Oh well.
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    yeah. said:
    I can't get past a 43 pound 3 year old. Holy shit. My 3.5 year old is 28 pounds :/
    My boys are 5y5m and are right around 40 lbs, but they're small for their age. (And about 42.5" so not a ton taller!) 

    Anyhow, another vote for Harmony Defenders. they are a great, very affordable seat. The Britax Frontier would also be a good option for a taller child so she can fit in it till a safe booster age (5-7 depending on maturity).

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  • DD is very tall and also in 98th %ile for height and weight. We have the Graco My Ride and she is currently harnessed. DS (6) has a Nautilus and is in the booster now.
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  • We ended up buying the Nautilus and love it. She loves it. Only thing is sleeping she can't get as comfortable since she can't recline back but she is adjusting.
    Thanks everyone
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