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Cerclage was removed today

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Just wanted to share my story since I was very nervous and googling a ton about this. I got an emergency cerclage when I was 19 weeks and 1.7 cm with funneling. I am just over 37 weeks and had my cerclage removed at doc's office with no pain meds. It went fine! The speculum wasn't comfortable, but it was only in for about 3-5 minutes. I didn't feel it's removal. Had a quick cervical check and am 2 cm. I think that stripping my membranes last pregnancy was far worse for me. I had the merseline tape type of cerclage. No bleeding or even spotting so far, Best wishes to anyone else going through this.
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Re: Cerclage was removed today

  • That's great! I too had a cerclage put in at 19 wks due to shorting and funneling. I'm only 21.5 wks right now but gives me great hope of making it full term! If you don't mind me asking were you on any sort of bed rest durning you time after cerclage was put in? Any pre-term labor?

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  • I was on pelvic rest, no swimming, no baths, no lifting, no sex, and I was only supposed to work 4 hours a day, keep well rested besides that, and only drive to doctor's appointments. In reality, I had to work full days (I have my own business) but took it easier physically. I did short grocery shopping trips and got more adventurous as the weeks passed by and my weekly cervical checks looked ok. I have checks until week 28. I stopped taking progesterone suppositories around week 32 cause they were keeping me up all night burning me externally and causing swelling. Good luck to you and I hope it goes ok!
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  • takmjstakmjs member
    Congratulations! I get my cerclage put in next week Wednesday and am nervous about limited activity and not being able to lift my daughter (how do I get her in/out of the car?) or much of anything.
    Yay, I llove to hear success stories!
  • @takmjs‌- I have a son who just turned 3 so luckily he was at an age where he could help more and climb into his car seat. I did my best to limit picking him up as much as possible. When he was still in diapers I only changed him on the floor, best of luck to you!
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