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Nurse Gifts?

Have any of you given (or plan on giving) the nurses at the hospital gifts? If so, what did you bring, and how much did you bring? I assume that we will encounter many nurses during our stay. I'm having a c-section so will be there about 5 days. Thanks!
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Re: Nurse Gifts?

  • No. I didn't do it either time and honestly don't know how I would do it. You see so many people.  You are so exhausted and wrapped up in the world of your new baby. To me it just didn't make sense. The nurses were great, but that is their job. I didn't feel the need to give them anything special. 
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  • mingaling2mingaling2 member
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    I sent an Edible Arrangements gift basket to the delivery ward for all to share with a thank you note specifically mentioning the names of our three nurses. 

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  • If I have the time/energy before LO shows up, I was hoping to bake some cookies and breads to share with the nurses at the hospital. Or maybe, I'll make my mom do it, since she'll have more time on her hands!
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  • MissMusic said:
    I did.  I have a lot of nurse friends and they said that they always appreciate food...sometimes they are so busy they don't get to leave the floor to go get a meal.

    We baked different breads ahead of time (banana, zucchini, cinnamon, etc) and brought them along with little paper plates and a couple of plastic knives.  The nurses were very happy!

    Check your hospital policy on this if you want to bring homemade stuff. I've heard some hospitals won't let them keep homemade food stuff because they don't know what exactly is in it.
  • We did the second time around. Our nurses and all the hospital staff that we had the first time at Northside were so great to us, we wanted to make sure and have something for them. I had asked around for ideas beforehand and I made two big baskets of stuff. Of course there are many shifts of staff, so I wanted to make sure everyone was included. I didn't do any homemade items for several reasons. Anyway, I ended up including individual packs of trail mix, granola bars, single bag microwave popcorn to be popped in the lounge, candy, cookies, and the little trial size tubes of gold bond lotion. A nice variety of healthy snacks and sweets, plus lotion is always good for nurses since they have to wash their hands so much. The good bond is my favorite to use at work and isn't very scented to use around patients and newborns. Every time someone came into our room, we just encouraged them to take something out of the basket. Everyone seemed to really like it and they lasted throughout our four day stay. It's always nice to feel appreciated, even the nursing assistants and food staff who bring the meals every day.
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  • bem168bem168 member
    We had a bunch of "it's a boy" mints that we packaged up in cute oversized fake baby bottles. Left one at the nurses station in L&D and one in the mother baby unit. I wrote a card for each too and mentioned our nurses by name.

    I was so overly emotional after delivery and was just so thankful for our nurses it was nice to have a little something to give them.
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