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BAMC Experience anyone?

Do I HAVE to be seen by OB at BAMC? Or can I stay with Family Practice? At Eglin I was only seen in FP and Loved it!!! I saw the same Dr for every appt and he's the one that delivered me. If I go through OB I will be seen by a "Team" and will probably never see the same person twice. Plus it's a teaching facility......

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  • From what I know, you can be seen at BAMC or you could choose to be seen at Wilford Hall, which is off-base. A friend of mine was seen at WH, and she was able to see the same OB for every appointment, although none of the OBs at WH deliver. If you do choose to go to WH, you will have someone else deliver you. 
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    No, FP will not see you while you're pregnant. You have to be seen at OB for anything. I was seen at SAMMC OB/GYN the duration of my pregnancy by the same NP every time. She was wonderful! They have a prenatal care option called Centering - it's like group appointments. It seems silly and strange, but I recommend it! Should you have a concern you don't want addressed in a group setting, you can discuss after the appointment or make another appointment. Also, at the end, you are, of course, seen more frequently in a private appointment. At least consider giving it a shot, if you don't like it you don't have to continue it. But, you'll meet other moms in the same stage of pregnancy as you and there are questions asked that some may never think to ask. I really think you'll enjoy your experience! I loved mine.
    The doctor (not a student! I didn't see a single student!) that delivered my son was great! No, I didn't know her or see her prior, but she did wonderful!

    My first son was born at NH-Guam and I was seen by FP the whole time, too. But, by about 10 different doctors. With a FP doctor delivering him. That was a great experience, too.

    I guess mostly what I'm trying to say is, go in with an open mind and don't compare the experiences, because if you do, you'll likely be unhappy. Good luck! Annnd, my NP was Mrs. Vanderwal! She and her nurse are awesome!

    ETA: Centering clarification.

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  • Thank you both. I had such an amazing dr at Eglin and he set the bar really high. The majority of the Dr's at SAMMC are Residents. Yes. They've completed Med school but they haven't completed their residency. Plus I work with a lot of them. Makes me nervous. Another concern is how far I live from SAMMC. It's 27 miles away and I delivered my first one super fast. If for some reason I can't make it because traffic here is soooo wonderful (insert sarcasm), will Tri-care cover it if I have to go to another hospital. I assume they would treat it like a regular emergency type thing.
  • I second the centering program offered! At first I was annoyed by the not so private setting but it was really helpful to have the same midwife AND resident doctor each appt. And plus there's always an entertaining character in a group of military spouses...
    We are at Madigan at JBLM and they offer a midwife unit. There are only 7 and we have met all of them so have very high chances of someone we know delivering this week!
  • I have heard tri care covers if you have to deliver at another hospital. They may not cover the LC though. (What I heard from someone's personal experience, not sure how much is true to it) I personally would be nervous of them not having my medical records as available as the base though.
  • Oh I would much rather deliver where they have my records. But it takes me over an hour to drive to Base during morning or afternoon rush hour, and if there is an accident it's more like 2-3. I really don't wanna be a roadside delivery. Ha ha ha
  • From what I was told back in 2011, if you are within an hour's drive from the hospital, they won't cover it. Now, I know there are exceptions to this, but I'm not sure about all of that. Where do you live that it takes you an hour or plus? We're up on the north central part, and while traffic is horrible, usually going 35 to the hospital isn't too bad.
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  • Off Culebra a few miles out past 1604. When I go in at 0530 it only takes about 35 minutes. It's during rush hour that it can take an hour +. I drive it everyday and hate it.
  • Gotcha. That's definitely a ways off. You could always switch to Standard if that's an option. I've had a few friends deliver with Lone Star Midwives & OBs who loved it.
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