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Preschool end of year teacher gifts

Looking for some ideas for end of year teacher gifts. Nothing too $$$ since my twins have 3 teachers but something nice . Thanks!

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    As a teacher, I'm often on the receiving end of gifts from students, so I will weigh in with my faves below.

    Things I like:  gift cards to Target, bookstores, Amazon, Panera, snacks/food

    Things I am less crazy about:  candles, lotions, gift cards to Starbucks, mugs, things that say "teacher" on them.

    My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE things to receive:  Handwritten notes from my students -- I keep every single one I receive!   Parent emails praising my work that are cc'd to my supervisors!  These emails can be an unexpectedly powerful way to help a teacher advance professionally, and they cost you nothing but your time.  Few parents think to do this, but the effect of receiving an email like this huge.
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  • For teacher appreciation week we got dd's classroom teacher a $10 target gift card, ghiradelli's assorted chocolates and a thank you card. I'm also a teacher (high school though so gifts are rare). The only thing pp mentioned that she didn't like and that I disagree with is the Starbucks card. But that's just personal preference. I love coffee and free coffee is even better! We also got the teacher a target card for Christmas. That way she can spend it on herself or on her classroom.
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  • I also typically do Target giftcards (Starbucks if I know for sure the teacher drinks it), a card (I ask the kids to tell me their favorite thing about the teacher & I make sure to include that), and sometimes a small treat or flowers or something.  This year I don't know a whole lot about their teachers personally compared to last year when their teachers were a little more chatty/transparent about that sort of thing, so Target just seems easiest.
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    Pros: gift cards (Target, Meijer, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Barnes & Noble, restaurants), personal notes, flowers, books/classroom supplies

    Cons: knickknacks, candles, lotions/soaps


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