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Do any of you ladies highly recommend or have a bad experience with any particular Austin OBs? I moved from DC, so I'm not entirely attached to one yet...thx!
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Re: Austin OB/GYNs...

  • Dr. Seeker with Austin Area OBGYN comes very highly rec'd on this board.

    What part of town would you prefer?

    I am far north (Cedar Park/Leander) and love my OB, Dr. Monteiro, with ARC. I really like the other OBs in that practice as well. ?

  • I live downtown and work near Seton, so central would be ideal. Thx!
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  • Hill County OBGYN is great. I see Dr Landwermeyer. They are more South though in the Brodie/Slaughter area.
  • Love my OB, Dr. David Reue with The OB/GYN Group of Austin. Their offices are in the building right next to Seton on 38th. Dr. Karen Kish was the on-call Dr. who delivered my daughter and she was wonderful as well.
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  • You'll also hear about Women Partners in Health. Dr.'s Yium and Oliver are great. FWIW I've never waited more than 15 min. for my appointment....and I'm almost through my second pregnancy.
  • I'm not a fan of Seeker and just left his practice halfway through my pregnancy. I know he gets a lot of love on this board, but it was not a good fit for us at all.
  • I absolutely love Dr. Seeker, and their new facility is awesome. ?He's the best doctor I've ever had and got me through a very stressful pregnancy after two miscarriages- his staff went above and beyond to make sure I stayed calm and happy. ?And he was so much fun at our c/s- he really made sure I had a great birth experience even if it was by c/s. ?I can't say enough good things about that man.
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  • I love Sally Grogono.  She delivers at Seton Central and her office is in the building next door.  Very down to earth and easy to talk to.  She's a mom too.
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    I see Dr. Reich at Women Partners in Health-- also right by Seton next to Bailey Square.  Not pregnant yet but the Gyn part has been awesome!  My mom works as an executive at Seton so she knows a lot about the docs.  Every doctor at WPIH is highly regarded by other docs and the nurses.  It says a lot about what nurses think.  WPIH also have one of the lowest intervention rates-- read that c-section, forceps, vacuum extraction.  It's one of the biggest reasons I chose that practice.

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    Another WPIH mommy here!  I go to Dr. Nash, as does a good friend of mine, and we both love love love her.  She's very practical, empathetic, honest, and smart.  We never have to wait long to see her, which is wonderful...
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  • Worst doc office.
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  • Dr Allison Devine with ADC (north austin St. David's) came highly recommended from a close friend. I had my first appointment with her this week where I had sudden bleeding while there. She took it in stride, made sure the babies were okay and followed up with me the next day. So far I am very excited to have her :)
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    Worst doc office.

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    Hill Country OBGYN. 3 appointments and only 1 went well. Others they messed things up. Now I'm looking at Women Partners In Health. (There trying to get me in. Calling them back Monday morning. Taking them forever).
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  • Do you still go there? Where they slow at returning calls?
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  • I think Hill Country OB is fabulous! I see Dr. Hart there and they've been nothing but friendly, professional and informative. Also glad they're affiliated with Seton SW, where I'll deliver. I've had nothing but great experiences with Hill Country!


  • Dr Hart and her nurse were great. It's other staff we had problems with and didn't want to continue that. Getting times mixed up, saying they accept our insurance then at an appointment saying they don't. Now we find out they do from our insurance agent. We changed to Womens Partners In Health.
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  • I see Dr Kristen Hansen at ARC Medical Park Tower, right next door to Seton Main. I love her! She is so laid back and always willing to answer any questions I have. I have friends who see other OB's in the same office and love all of them.
  • I'm seeing Dr Yium at a Women Partners in Health
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  • Dr Yium is great. Women Partners in health if anyone needs a obgyn or new obgyn. Do not go to Hill Country Obgyn. They didn't do half of what they should have done. Lied to us and got times wrong. Doc couldn't really answer a few of my quiestions, she should have known. I won't say her name.
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  • I also see Dr. Landwermeyer, KSandAE2008! We love her and their staff. So far no issues with any staff members. I've gone to both the Lakeway office and Seton office. I went into this pregnancy knowing I needed a new OB and I am so happy we found them. They have AMAZING reviews from what I could find.
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  • I go to women partners in health and I originally saw Dr. Nash. She was great during gyn and at the beginning of my first pregnancy and then it was like there was a complete personality switch. I had a fairly bad experience with her at the end, and she's switched to part time so she is hard to get a hold of as well.

    I saw dr. Kung in the hospital for some complications the day before I delivered and she was completely amazing, including calling me a week after I delivered to chekc on me. I am half way through my second pregnancy and have been seeing her since day 1 and it has been AMAZING!! She is the best and makes lots of her phone calls on her own on questions I call in for.

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  • For future visitors, I'm going to Austin Region South OB/GYN.  Brand new office, and the staff so far have been great.

    My OB is Dr. Mumfrey and he's great.  He'll listen to any small complaint or question I've got, and he's always willing to check for anything I might be concerned about, yet he's 100% on board with my choices (DH and I opted out of finding out gender or doing any genetics testing).  I appreciate that from a doctor. 

    Plus, when I've had a few 'hiccups' along the way (I've scheduled two 'emergency' appointments [one for some bleeding/spotting and one for leaking I was worried might be amniotic fluid]), the clinic ALWAYS worked me in same day, no questions.


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  • I just moved as well.. Anyone have a good experience with OBGYN North and Dr. Sebestyen?  

  • I'm from Austin and I've been going to ARC and their Women's Heath Clinic for a long time. They are a partner with Seton hospitals and are excellent. They also have an OB group of 6 docs, so someone is always on call. I currently see Dr. Rosa Merano, who is absolutely amazing! Also, a couple of my best friends are PP nurses at Seton main, and recommended Dr. Medrano to me when I found out I was pregnant. Not only is she great with her patients, she treats the nurses with the respect the deserve, too.

    Oh! And for those that are thinking of doing a midwife or doula, Seton is now partnering with a group. I'm not sure if it's all done up yet, but currently they are super respectful of mama's choice to have a midwife, etc., and for the docs just be there if medical intervention is necessary.

    I hope this helps!
  • I HIGHLY recommend ARC South OB! Dr. Grimes is AMAZING and very down to earth. She was my doctor and answer my million FTM questions. She was very open to my wishes on how I wanted my delivery to go and supported us all the way. She is also VERY thorough. I started having some little irregularities about 8 weeks before my due date but felt fine. She insisted I come in more often than scheduled and I ended up being diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome and delivered my son 6 weeks early. She caught it right at the beginning, sent me to the hospital for more indepth testing and l delivered a healthy (albeit little) bouncing baby boy back in September! Dr. Lockey is the one who actually delivered my son and she was also amazing. I can't say enough great things them and the other staff.
  • Dr. Cowan at Austin Area OB/GYN is fabulous!
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  • Dr. Robert Cowan with AAOBGYN is awesome, and I love his nurses! :)
  • I was with OBGYN north for my first. It wasn't a great experience. You have to rotate through the providers. They make sure that you don't see any one of them very often. It made me feel disconnected to my care, honestly.
    For my second (and now my third pregnancy) I see Dr. Allison Anderson across the street at AAOBGYN. The facility is super nice. The nurses are great and Dr. Anderson is the most friendly doctor I've ever met. She puts everyone at ease.

  • I have been going to ARC South OB for about five years and so far I'm glad I've stayed for this process (12 weeks tomorrow)! I usually see Dr. Breedlove, who has always been very helpful and honest. I saw Dr. Grimes for my 8 week appt. and LOVED her as well! They are all SWAMPED, so it's hard to get in if you have a preferred time or date. Good luck and well wishes to everyone :)
  • Can I just say that the name Dr. Breedlove is absolutely hilarious for an OB~

  • I've been with Dr. Youngkin (32nd and Red River, right down the street from St. David's downtown) since 2005. I previously went to Women Partners In Health and was not impressed. They un/misdiagnosed my PCOS for four years, and only after my new GP caught the symptoms did I start getting proper treatment.

    Dr. Youngkin was highly recommended by my GP, and he is an RE/OBGYN, which means that if you're having fertility issues he will help get you pregnant and then be your regular OB throughout the pregnancy. He delivered both my girls, and he's halfway through this one. Love him!
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  • I live North (in Cedar Park). I'm going to Cedar Park Women's Center and seeing Dr. Meadows. She is so kind and has made me feel so safe and at ease. With this being my first pregnancy, it's greatly appreciated!
  • I am currently seeing Dr. Diana Wang at AAOBGYN.  She partners with Dr. Seeker.  So far so good.  They have addressed my needs quickly and Dr. Wang is SUPER nice!

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  • LOVE Dr. Phillips and his nurses at AAOBGYN. Love love love!  I've seen most of their other doctors, though, while coming in for weekend appointments for various reasons.  Dr. Anderson, as noted in a previous post, is possibly the most cheerful and smiley doctor I have ever met.  If we weren't happy with Dr. Phillips (we very much are), I'd go to Dr. Anderson in a heartbeat. 


    We live NO WHERE near AAOBGYN, but my (and our) experiences there have made driving up there completely worth it. 

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    I'm 13 weeks and have only had 2 appointments at Hill Country OBGYN but all the staff seem very friendly and nice. I'm seeing Dr. Landwermeyer as well and she is just great. 

    I used to see Dr. Bushart at the ARC but I started to feel like a number so decided to make the switch when I found out I was expecting. He's a great doctor but just not for me. Glad I chose HC especially after all the other great comments about them here. 
  • My OB/GYN is amazing!  Karin Mechineni.  She offices out of St. David's North on Mopac.  She is attentive and caring, and her nurse is always quick to return calls.  Since I am having a high risk pregnancy, I love Austin Maternal Fetal Medicine in the same hospital.  I see Dr. McDonald there, and she and her staff are wonderful!  Everyone makes sure you understand what is going on and why.  They are proactive and not reactive.
  • I go to Hill Country OBGYN in Lakeway and see Dr. Hoverman, she and her staff have all been great!
  • I love Hill Country OBGYN. I see Dr. Landwermeyer, and I've been very happy with her and the entire staff there. If you live in SW Austin, I highly recommend her!
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