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If you live in Fairbanks, Alaska...

Our family will be PCSing to Eielson at the end of May and currently have Verizon for our cell phone provider. We're trying to figure out if we should cancel our service with Verizon and move to another provider or if it would be better to stick with them. So, if you, too, have Verizon, how is the service? Are there any Verizon stores available there? If you don't have Verizon, what provider do you use and how is their service? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  • I'm not 100% sure for Fairbanks but we were in Anchorage (PCSed 8 months ago) and used Verizon the two years we were there. Verizon isn't officially in Alaska but they use the towers up there so you will definitely have service. We drove up to Fairbanks and didn't have an issue with service at all. They are very accommodating if you have any issues with their service. Just make sure you tell them ahead of time that you will be PCSing up there. That way, if you do decide to terminate early, they won't charge you, since you'll be on orders. Hope that helps!
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    @jmjj1310‌ this is a little late, so I'm not sure if y'all figured things out yet. But we are pcsing to ft wainwright in a couple weeks, and we were told that Verizon doesn't work well, if at all, up there. We were advised to switch to AT&T, which we did. We have some friends up there who had to switch to AT&T also. Eta: as pp said, verizon will let you put your account on hold, or terminate early since you're on orders.

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