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Willow Creek Delivery?

If you have delivered at Willow Creek, what was your experience like?  Who was your doctor?  What was your labor like?  Did you require epi, pitocin, csection?

Re: Willow Creek Delivery?

  • I will never go back to creekside with Dr. Clouatre. he supposedly had to check for my daughters head 3 times after he said the first time yep thats her head. And then i found out he was doing a membrane sweep without my permission or even knowing thats what he was doing. This happened just yesterday and i went to the hospital two hours after that at washington regional. I dont recommend them at all. 
  • I'm sorry that happened.  I actually delivered two weeks ago at Willow Creek, and Dr Clouatre was the doc on call, so he delivered my baby.  DH and I were actually really pleased with him, he explained everything so thoroughly and was so nice.  Much better than my actual OB who never explained everything and just did what he wanted without telling me.  However, I wasn't allowed off the bed to labor at all, contrary to what I'd been told prior, so I had to opt for an epidural, the pain was so intense.

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  • It was really rediculus up until that happened yesterday it was fine i thought he was a good dr and everything and then that happened yesterday and as he was leaving the room he said hopefully that fixed it to where i wont have to see you again. My grandmother was in the room also and she was in shock as well. Im glad everything worked out for you and congrats on the  new addition to your family. washington regional is inducing me thursday.
  • Good luck!  We took our birthing class at Washington Regional and it looked like a really great facility with awesome ideals for laboring moms.  I'd love to hear about your experience!

  • I will let you know definitely and thank you.
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