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Looking for care in Northeast PA.

I am looking for some recommendations ob/midwife in the Scranton/ Wilkes Barre area.  Unfortunately this area is not great for a woman looking to vbac.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

I have come up with a few things on my own.  As far as hospitals I could drive to Allentown (St. Lukes) which is about an 1.5 hours or Honesdale (Wayne Memorial) which is an hour.  My other option is a homebirth.  I found a few midwives in the area 45 min - 1 hour away. 

I feel like my best option at this point is going to be a homebirth. Any advice on HBAC?

Any help would be so appreciated.  I feel like I am grasping at straws.










Re: Looking for care in Northeast PA.

  • I know nothing about HBAC, but I know that the Geisinger doctors here in Central PA will do VBAC in Danville, if you feel that is an option.  That was too far for me, but I also had the option of the other practice in town that would VBAC at the local hospital.  Good luck to you!
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  • Seasons of Life OBGYN was suggested to me from my local ICAN group, they deliver out of St. Luke's Allentown, not sure if that would be too far from you.

    I have not yet had a VBAC with them but I am hopeful for my current pregnancy and they have been super supportive.

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  • Probably a little far, but Holy Spirit Hospital in Camp Hill, PA (near Harrisburg) is very VBAC friendly.
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