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Anyone else finding it difficult to stay within the 200mg allotment? It's not every day, but I know sometimes I go over. Am I really hurting this kid by doing that?

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  • I wouldn't worry.  There's an amazing number of kids out there born to parents who had worse vices (smoking/drinking/drugs) and many of them manage to turn out fine.  Of course, those who overdo anything on a consistent basis have a potential for problems, but I figure if I go over the caffeine amount ever 2 weeks or so (probably not that often, even) then I shouldn't worry.

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  • Mmmm red bulls :). I wish! If I drink a cup of coffee, I try to follow it up with a glass of water to ward off the dehydration. Of course yesterday I peed 11 times during my workday but the coffee was awesome......details I guess.
  • I drink sweet tea all day long. But I love my coke, I drink it at least twice a day and the rest of time I drink water. I never worry about what I'm drinking unless its an energy drink or alcohol which I don't drink either while pg not a sip. I did have an energy drink with my first pg, but Dr says I'm healthy and not worried about my caffeine intake.
  • @MrsSparklebottom‌ - Agreed! My caffeine headaches can be killer, literally and metaphorically.
  • I have been really bad about going over this pregnancy, last time I was much more careful.  My OB pretty much told me caffeine is fine as long as you don't go crazy with it (like drinking coffee constantly all day long). I usually have about 2 cups a day but will sometimes have an iced tea as well.
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  • I mix decaf beans into the regular coffee beans. Helps with the amount of caffeine and keeps the jitters at bay.

    When our espresso machine broke, I fell in love with drinking chai tea in the mornings, and that caffeine is enough to keep me going.

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  • I drink one cup a day with an occasional soda.
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  • It is really hard. I've found what's worse is because I can't have as much caffeine, I'm turning to no caffeine root beers...soda is so bad for you. I know this. I'm trying to find the motivation to care. :)
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  • I drink sweet tea throughout the day, basically every day. I'll also have an occasional coke or coffee. That's also how I was with my last pregnancy and my LO came out just fine. I think as long as your not exceeding that 200mg by a lot everyday, you're probably fine.
  • Honestly, I find some days are a struggle to get through without a little coffee pick-me-up! With my first son, I was on point with all of the silly rules, and refused to drink ANYTHING with caffeine.  But now that I am working 6 days a week while caring for a 4 year old - it's not gonna happen! Just do your best to stay around that, but your baby will be fine if you overdo it a little, I'm sure (of course I'm not a doctor, just my opinion)
  • You are NOT ALONE, girl! I was a crazy caffeine addict before I got pregnant, so this whole "200 mg a day" thing is definitely a struggle for me, too. The coffee snob in me is cringing as I type this, but I have found it helpful to buy the half-caf K-Cups. They are kind of watery and don't taste as good as my normal espresso blend, but they obviously have much less caffeine. Personally, I find it easier to have two of those in one day than to just have one cup of regular coffee in the morning. 

    I think that we as women have the tendency to beat ourselves up at times for not following every order perfectly, but give yourself a break. If you went over on your caffeine intake a couple of times, I'm sure your baby is fine. Just don't start ordering venti lattes with extra shots at Starbucks every day. ;) LOL

  • I would never be able to give it up completely, but a friend of mine who works in the coffee industry told me that decaf still has a significant amount of caffeine. That knowledge combined with the placebo effect keeps me fine with one cup of decaf coffee or decaf americano daily. Sometimes more on the weekends. I don't drink soda so I can't speak to that. 

    I just ordered a 30 cup variety pack of decaf K Cups from Amazon so I can stop spending $2-3 daily at the coffee shop!
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  • I used to be a HUGE caffeine junkie! And my midwife is well aware of that. Even with what I told her I had on a daily basis (before pregnancy), she wasn't concerned whatsoever. She said there is no solid evidence that caffeine truly hurts during pregnancy, but it's still a good idea not to go overboard.
    I cut out my energy drinks completely when I found out I was pregnant, and cut back significantly on everything else. But I still do have my daily caff intake!
  • I have to say i miss my proper coffee but i trying to stick to the decaff crap at work and home (didnt know hat there was caffeine in it are they even allowed to sell it as de caff if it still contains caffeine)  but i do allow myself a treat of a proper coffee if were out for a meal or at costa / starbucks etc. i dont drink soda but i do love chocolate.
  • I know this probably isn't the best method- but I have one soda a day, some days an additional small cup of coffee- and if I drink my allotment of water (85oz or 5 water bottles) then I consider myself well hydrated and don't worry about the extra caffeine intake.
  • It's been difficult for me.  Prior to getting pregnant, I was at 2-3 cups of coffee or espresso drinks a day; I work from home, so it was just always there...and the Starbucks up the street...just LOVE coffee.  

    I do one regular cup of brewed in the morning.  Some days I leave it at that and try to be good, although I have to admit most days I at least break down and split a soda with my husband.  Some days I'll do a decaf iced coffee in the afternoon.  It's a struggle...I probably miss coffee freedom more than I do wine ;)
  • But to answer the actual question--no, I don't think an extra 100mg or so of caffeine each day ever hurt any baby.  I think the caffeine precaution has been overblown.  My own doctor told me--have a cup every day, don't freak out, just try to avoid large amounts.
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    I've suffered from migraines for years and was concerned about not being able to take my meds while pregnant. My OB sugested that I drink caffiene whenever I feel a headache coming on. When I asked her to clarify how much I can have a day she pretty much said it doesn't matter. As long as I'm not having jitters or a racing heart. I honestly have cut back a lot just bc I'm not craving coffee as much as normal, but it has helped a lot with the headaches.
  • Wow, I wish I had read this forum before I quit cold turkey upon first finding out I was pregnant. Those few weeks were ROUGH. A few weeks later my doctor told me I could have up to 2 cups a day. Now I'm up to 1/2 - 1 1/2 cups a day (depending on how much I have to do as a full time teaching and PhD student). 

    My fiance, however, thinks I'm a terrible person for having coffee and doesn't quite trust my doctor for telling me I can have any. Over-protective dad already! 
  • I drank energy drinks on the regular before I found out, and that's pretty much the only thing I've cut.  I have a soda or coffee when I first wake up, and then one about about halfway through the day.  I work 12 hour shifts, and I did try and cut caffeine completely those first few weeks, but it was really rough.  
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  • @Texasgurly0313‌ : That makes me feel better. I work 12 hour shifts on my feet all day too, and I just wouldn't make it. I've also been really into sweet tea from McDonald's this whole pregnancy which hasn't helped.
  • None of my 3 OBs that I have had over the years have even mentioned caffeine intake. It's never been a big deal. With my DD I didn't even know that I was supposed to be watching my caffeine. I'm pretty sure I drank a ton of soda. I don't generally drink as much soda as I used to but I still have some coffee and soda every day.
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  • I drank it my whole pregnancy with my DS....pretty much Pepsi or Coke was my morning "coffee" and got me going. And my baby turned out just fine. I tried not drinking it this time around but got terrible headache and was moody. So as long as I get a daily dose of caffeine then I'm fine. After that I'll drink water or decaffeinated drinks like root beer or sprite. But I love my sweet tea too! As long as you don't drink nothing but coffee, cokes and energy drinks all day everyday, you're fine. Keep hydrated as well....dehydration can cause Braxton Hicks contractions!
  • I have one large cup of half caf in the mornings. If I'm run down in the afternoon I sometimes have hot tea
  • I love coffee and my doctor said it's fine to have 1-2 cups a day, but actually I've sadly discovered that the caffeine really dehydrates me lately.  I WANT to have my full coffee "allowance" but once I'm a few sips into the cup I feel kind of depleted.
  • I am 42 yrs of age and in my 12th week.
    I normally have one cup of coffee each day, some days I don't even finish it.
    My first pregnancy I was so disgusted even by the smell of it!
    Second pregnancy I was up to 2 cups a day (doing home daycare).  This pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.
    This pregnancy I have decided to go "no coffee".  I know it won't hurt to have a cup a day, but I am a bit paranoid this time.  Thankfully, I don't miss it and the K cups last twice as long for hubby to enjoy!  ;)
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